8 Gorgeous Spots To Add To Your Australian Bucket List

The land of cricket, barbecues and some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world, for so many living in the northern hemisphere, Australia acts as the ultimate adventure. Whether it be the wildlife or the surfing, there is so much to see, explore and tackle right along the Australian coast.

We spoke to several experts for their opinions on what makes for the perfect Australian location, and where to find them…

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#1 Byron Bay

I’ve got to say Byron Bay is a must stop place in Australia. You’ll get a taste of real beachside living, the bohemian beach town has a shoes optional policy. It’s perfect for backpackers and luxury travelers with hostels squished in between high-end haunts.

Most of all the bohemian treasure sold in the states started in Byron Bay with all the music festivals and open-air markets there is plenty to do besides just surf all day. Though that is totally an option too with plenty of surf spots. In Byron Bay, even the postman has a surfboard in his delivery truck.

Contributor: Sunshine Abou Bakar from

#2 Lake Monger, Perth


This is a nice little park with greenery, trails and black swans. That's right there are black swans! Western Australia is the one place in the world where there are black swans and some live at Lake Monger.

Contributor: Ilena Di Toro from

#3 Whitsunday Islands

This group of continental islands offers stunning beauty unlike anything I've ever seen, and booking a multi-day sailing tour to Whitehaven Beach and other spots in the Whitsundays. You can enjoy snorkeling and sleeping onboard a sailboat, an unforgettable experience to have as a traveler. It's a great option for solo travelers since these trips are set up to help you meet new people. The white silica sand of the beaches is incredible, the water is crystal clear and stunning, and even in winter the sun is shining and it's hot.

Contributor: Val Streif from

#4 Cooper Pedy

The opal capital of the world. This town is right in the true blue outback of Australia. Located over 800km north of Adelaide and with a small population of around 1,700. Coober Pedy was put on the map due to its successful opal mining operations in the area and more recently has become a tourist destination due to the unique lifestyle the locals have. Due to the high temperatures, most shops and houses are built underground.

Contributor: James Grundy from

#5 Wilsons Promontory

Or The Prom as we call it is located on the southernmost part of mainland Australia. Wilsons Promontory has become renowned for its majestic coastline and abundant wildlife. Visitors have abundant hiking opportunities, but if you're feeling like a more relaxing day then lounging by the beach can't be beat. Those visiting the area usually camp and are more than likely to get a visit by curious wombats or kangaroos.

Make sure not to leave any open food inside the tent as hungry wombats have been known to chew through to get inside!

Contributor: James Grundy from

#6 Cairns

The best city to launch from to experience the incredible Great Barrier Reef (one of the seven wonders of the world). Time here is best spent taking an early boat out to the reef and snorkelling your way through the beautiful coral formations and sea life. Cairns also has a decent nightlife scene so make sure to save some energy to dance through the night.

Contributor: James Grundy from


#7 Montague Island

This gem is located 9 kilometers off the coast of Narooma on the New South Wales Coast. Here you'll get the chance to see and interact with Little Penguins and Fur Seals on their natural habitat. This is a great spot to also witness the annual humpback whale migration.

Contributor: Andrea Harper from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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