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5 Top Businessman Cufflinks For Looking Good In The Office

We all know the impact looking smart and suave can have on the team in the office when you walk in on a Monday morning. Delivering a big boost to your self esteem and how you see yourself, looking the part can have a serious role to play in improving your overall performance.

We have collected up some of the finest brands and makes out in the market at the moment for the hottest businessmen to scoop up for themselves.

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#1 Appalachian State A

Are you a successful App State alumni looking to give a nod to your alma mater? Announce your Mountaineer Pride on even the dressiest occasions with these 14k Yellow Gold cufflinks. The Appalachian State A is hand-inlaid in your choice of Black Onyx or iridescent White Mother of Pearl and superimposed over the state of North Carolina. Available in a variety of inlays and metal finishes.

Contributor: Sarah Haynes from

#2 Mulberry

I distinguish between work and casual attire by ensuring my work shirts always require cuff links. I rarely if ever wear jewelry so it is the one chance I get to wear something a little expensive and solid metal. It is both practical and decorative. My favourite brand is Mulberry. They make solid, robust and classy cufflinks that never date and go with absolutely any shirt and suit combo.

Contributor: James Conolly from

#3 Kokolani Cufflinks

Kokolani Cufflinks are a unique product because I am meticulous about matching the movements used in both cufflinks. And because each set is handmade by me personally, I am equally meticulous about the quality and care of my products.

Anyone can go to a store and buy a nice set of cufflinks. But to find a unique, handmade product like Kokolani Cufflinks is special because there is a story and a conversation built into each piece. That’s the reason Kokolani Cufflinks should be a staple for every finely dressed businessperson.

Contributor: Eido Walny 

Buy this product directly here: [email protected]

#4 Hugo Boss

Nothing quite says boss, like a pair of Hugo Boss Cufflinks. Hugo Boss has a variety of styles, from minimalistic all the way to flashy. Whatever the occasion, Hugo or Boss will have a pair cufflinks to match it. Hugo Boss is stylish, while at the same time classy.

Contributor: Nate Masterson from

#5 Hector’s Travelling Set

My top recommendation would be the Hector's Travelling Black Tie Cufflink & Stud Set at £98 / $129. Perfect for the man who’s always on the move but needs to be prepared for anything, anywhere. Hector’s Travelling Black Tie cufflink and stud set features cufflinks in a simple but elegant design of onyx and mother of pearl, as well as four matching shirt studs, all encased in a soft calf-skin leather travel case. For a really chic look, you can have the case embossed with the recipient’s initials in gold, silver or blind.

Contributor: Jessi Robinson from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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