7 More Of The Scariest Books To Read

Looking to spend an evening in getting suitably scared? From timeless classics in the horror genre, to the new chillers on the block, we have assembled some of the must-have books from all across the horror world that you need to read. Just maybe keep the light on.

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#1 IT – Stephen King

The master of horror, 'IT' is arguably the author at his very, very best.

I enjoy reading some Stephen King books, but they literally give me nightmares. I've read several of his books, and he's such an excellent writer that I have to commend him for being such a great scary storyteller.

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#2 The Haunting Of Ashburn House – Darcy Coates

I'm a big sucker for ghost stories, and The Haunting of Ashburn House didn't disappoint. The protagonist is a young woman, Adrienne, who moves into a house she inherited from her aunt. The author does an excellent job of describing Adrienne's unease with various goings-on in the house and its surroundings, and these descriptions are effective at making the reader feel uneasy and creeped out as well!

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#3 Misery – Stephen King

Stephen Hawking is a renowned author and in this thriller, he'll give you the fright of your life and keep you on the edge of your seats. The protagonist in the tale, Paul Sheldon is also a best-selling author who ends his series with the death of the lead role. Coincidently, he meets an accident only to be rescued by a self-proclaimed loyal fan. What does she want? And, why is she keeping him? Read to find out.

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#4 The Exorcist

And, for a scary book that you won't be able to put down...Read the book version of The Exorcist. The movie was good also, but I carried the book with me wherever I went until I finished it...and I'm not much of a book reader!

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#5 Let The Right One In – John Ajvide Lindqvist

An award-winning thriller that later came on the big screen and went on to be one of the best horror films in the US and Sweden.The tale starts with the mysterious murder of a teenager; his body drained of blood leaves the people to think it was a cult ritual.

But, the twelve-year-old Oskar couldn't be more relieved. He hopes it was revenge -a revenge that was a long time coming for the bullying he received in school. That is until a certain girl moves in next door and he can't help but think there is something wrong with her. Who is she? And Why does she only come out at night?

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#6 The Bad Seed – William March

Children are angels, they say. Kids can do no wrong, they say. But in this tale by William March, children are the source of all your nightmares. A bad seed is born in the family, sudden 'accidental' deaths occur, and the mother suspects her eight-year-old daughter Rohda. The story takes you for a thrilling ride through a whole crop of creepy kids that will keep you up at night. Read if you dare.

Contributor: Iffat Tafseer from

#7 Those Across The River – Christopher Buehlman

Not only is this book scary, but it’s also extremely creepy. A man and his wife move back to a family home in Georgia to flee some scandal. The home is next to the ruins of the plantation that was run by his ancestors. The people of the town had to do a strange sacrificial ritual that involved two pigs being sent across the river. They obviously never returned. Where were they going and what would happen if they stopped being sent? This book shows how sins from our past come back to haunt us.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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