5 Great Gift Ideas For The LGBTQ Community

Playful and proud, the LGBTQ Community deserve a lot of respect for the hard work and endeavours they persist through in the quest for fair and equal treatment, regardless of your gender or sexuality. Why not give something back to your LGBTQ friends with this collection of great gift suggestions?

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#1 Pura Vida Rainbow Ring

A rainbow represents a lot within the LGTBQ community, but mostly it means acceptance and freedom. Giving your friend this ring will show them how much they are loved and supported. It’s sweet, simple, and says a lot. It’s just what you’re looking for.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

#2 Love Bombs Kindness Cards

These are gold-embossed kindness cards that make gratitude and appreciation easy and fun. The cards are unique because unlike other card sets, the messages are sincere - they convey genuine hard to say emotions that bring friends and families closer together.

Contributor: Russell Smith from Positive Atmosphere

#3 ChangedMe Range

When buying gifts for queer friends, little pins like what I do go a long way toward affirming an individual, and I love conveying the gift messages between two random people I don’t even know. They are also great for allies to wear in public. Respecting trans people is amazing, wearing it in public so another trans person out there can come across it and feel someone is aware they exist, is taking allyship to the next level.

Contributor: Hannah Simpson from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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