5 More Great Accessories For A Girl’s Bedroom

Every single girl has very particular, but very different opinions on what is fashionable and ‘in’ at the moment, and what they can’t be seen dead having in their room. Here at Fupping, we have cut the confusing middle man out for you and collected up some of the cutest, fashionable and absolute must-have accessories that help complete any girl’s bedroom.

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#1 Mimish Designs Pouf

Posh and elevated, this luxe Pouf ottoman from Mimish Designs serves as both seating and storage and provides the ultimate comfort and lavish style. The upper cushion connects to an open storage compartment on bottom by a durable covered zipper. Sit on the storage pouf while your belongings are inside, or detach the stand-alone cushion and use the storage space while seated. T

he Himalaya Faux Fur Storage Pouf can adapt to any room. Customize your storage pouf by mixing and matching the top and bottom pieces. Perfect for storing hard and soft items, such as bedding, dolls, books, clothes, legos, tech, and more.

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#2 Werkable Space Range

Werkable Space is dedicated to the proverbial SLAY-BOSS, BOSS BABE, GIRL BOSS and all-around DREAMER that desires a motivational work or home environment as she takes the world by storm.

Werkable Space are curated home and office decor products that will give your creative and productive space good energy, inspirations and instagrammable moments.

Contributor: Janelle Langford from

#3 Amped & Co. Color-Changing Lightbox

I think our My Cinema Lightbox collection would be the perfect gift for any girl! Our lightboxes are becoming statement items in everyone's home, and it's a perfect and affordable gift to give any teenager or pre-teen!

Our collection is quite large, so you can likely find something for everyone! In particular, one of our more popular products is the Original Color-Changing Lightbox. Just recently, we were listed as a Best Gift For Your Instagram Famous Friend by NYLON, as well as a Gift to Treat Yourself With by Real Simple Magazine.

Contributor: Michelle Zaporojets from

#4 LUCKKYY Wall Decals

Sometimes it takes too much effort to paint a wall. Paints are also a commitment. Don’t even get me started on wallpaper. Wallpaper takes so much effort to put on and then it also ruins your walls. It’s so easy today to add something special to your daughter's room just by adding stickers. There are a ton of options, but this tree blowing one is extra sweet.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

#5 Pure Enrichment Humidifier And Light

Pure Enrichment has created a visually stunning and peak performance, fun, cloud-shaped humidifier for children's rooms (time to throw out that elephant humidifier that you got at your baby shower and has been passed down from kid to kid since then). This also doubles as a soothing night light with 8 playful colors that can rotate or stay fixed on a child's favorite color. 

Contributor: Gail Cayetano, Consultant with

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Written by James Metcalfe

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