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5 More Great Accessories For Athletes

We all know that wearing the right accessories can make or break your performance on the pitch or in the ring, and the world of therapy after an intense period of exercising is more refined than ever. For all the athletes out there, we have collected 5 more of the best accessories to add to their arsenals.

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#1 Ultimate Performance Massage Roller

This specially designed massage roller gives pain soothing, deep-penetrating myofascial massage, targeting even those places which are usually difficult to reach. It improves circulation, speeds up rehabilitation and restores muscle flexibility, and offers a pinpoint accuracy while the amount of applied pressure is chosen by the user.

Contributor: Lukas from

#2 Fitness Answered Muscle Stick

After a workout or game, it’s important how your muscles recover. You can easily roll this stick over your overworked muscles for the ultimate massage. It helps increase blood flow which can help prevent soreness. It’s not only for your legs, but it can also be used all over the body.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

#3 The Original Worm

The Original Worm is the portable, full body massage roller that can be used for relief from neck to feet and everything in between. Completely portable, so easy to take anywhere you might roll!

It is loved by weekend warriors to pro athletes.

Contributor: Karen Atkins, founder at

#4 Rockay Running Socks

The Rockay range is one of the most revolutionary ranges around in the sports market right now. Taking plastic from the ocean, they form fashionable, comfortable clothes that actually help reduce carbon footprints.

With benefits to athletes and the environment alike, it is one of the absolute must-have ranges in anyone's wardrobe.

Contributor: Monique Lewis

#5 Protective Glasses

Being a competitor in jiu-jitsu, I want to always be in the best of my form to compete, and having constant headaches due to looking too much at my screen would cause me to underperform in the past.

This happens because all screens such as phone screens, laptop screens, or any other screen project blue-lights. These blue-lights have been proven to cause headaches, tiredness, sore eyes, disrupt sleep, and accelerate macular degeneration.

I have therefore ordered myself a pair of anti-blue-light glasses, and I feel the difference to the point where I have ordered a few pairs for my mother, father, and younger brother.

Contributor: Mohamed Barbar

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Written by James Metcalfe

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