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Why Having An Orderly Office Can Increase Productivity

Whether it be cleanliness or tidiness, an orderly office can create a healthier working environment. It is an easy and efficient way to boost teamwork, communication and weave out toxicity in the office.

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#1 Health Benefits

Unfortunately, people often are too carried away in daily routines and fail to care for proper hygiene. It doesn't take much to properly clean your PC, its screen, keyboard, the chair, any cupboards or other furnishings (if present) etc. This removes and bacteria and dust that can cause airways to become irritated. Furthermore, It's a huge step in the right direction towards a healthier office environment.

Having a clean office isn't just about leaving your client's with a good impression, it's also about productivity. As illnesses spread through offices it can leave employees tired or requiring sick days. Your average office workspace contains more bacteria than you might imagine. According to the Independent the average office desk has nearly 21,000 bacteria per square inch! A quick wipe down of your workspace with disinfectant can help, or if you prefer, use a natural all-purpose cleaner.

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Contributor: Dmitri Kara

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#2 Psychological Benefits

This simple office clean up routine is meant to literally stand for teamwork. It works the same way as communal sports - the combined action of a group is more effective and efficient. The best part is that taking part comes with a dash of responsibility before your whole team, which nobody will neglect and that's where boosting morale and motivation lays.

Whether you work at home, an office, or you're a student, a clean an organized workspace can have a noted impact on your mental well-being. A study conducted by the Journal of Neuroscience revealed that too many distractions on your desk can reduce your brain's ability to process information. Keep your desk organized by putting stuff in drawers or on shelves, throwing trash away, and removing clutter. Hoovering regularly can lead to a feeling of greater stability as well as a feeling of being more organized.

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Contributor: Dmitri Kara

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#3 Clean Up Routine

The cleanup routine will improve company organization. Supply fewer detergent sprayers than the actual count of employees and thus you will hack or more gently said encourage people to be proactive and share.

With so many obvious benefits to having a clean and organized workplace, what are you waiting for? For some it's just a matter of getting started. Put together a small "to do" cleaning list. Make a point to wipe down your desk, with cleaner, at least a couple times per week. Make sure to vacuum the office regulalry And don't let the clutter on your desk get too far out of hand. This printable cleaning schedule can help you remind you what needs to be done throughout the year.

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Contributor: Dmitri Kara

Company: Fantastic Cleaners 

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