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Smart Buying: Priceless Tips On Buying Household Items

When choosing which household products to purchase, we all think of the same things: Quality, Price and Style. If a household product’s appearance isn’t appealing, most of us will choose not to buy it. Moreover, If a product is too cheap and lacking quality, us as consumers would choose to pay the little extra to greater quality leading to greater longevity.

Here are a few tips to consider when purchasing the most common household products.

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#1 Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products are created equal. So what should be on high-alert for and make sure to avoid when buying new cleaners?

- Look for non-toxic products, however, be careful to look at the specific ingredients. Because there is no universal standard for what defines "non-toxic" some companies may use the term more broadly.

- Avoid chlorine, which has been shown to be harmful to humans (especially on the skin). If you do have to use chlorine-based cleaner make sure you properly dilute it (if needed) and use gloves.

- No animal testing. There are fewer and fewer reasons why companies still use animal testing. So whenever possible avoid products where they test on animals. Here is a comprehensive list of all the company's who still use animal testing.

- Look for biodegradable products. Specifically, look for a "Readily Biodegradable" label. This term indicates that takes just a few weeks to break down.

- Make your own cleaning products. If you are struggling to find good cleaning products in a store, it may just be easier to make your own green and natural cleaners at home. For some cool and green recipes for natural cleaners, you can make yourself at home, check out Modern Castle.

#2 Vacuum Cleaners

What's the best type of vacuum cleaner?

It's a simple enough question, with the answer that is more complex. For most of us, when we think vacuum cleaner we imagine an upright vacuum. However, there a variety of different types. The most common and popular types include upright, canister, stick, robot, and handheld. Each is designed for a specific purpose and will be better / worse at cleaning under certain conditions. Uprights are great for all-around use and are highly versatile. Canisters are can be more difficult to move, but usually, provide greater cleaning performance. Sticks and robot vacuums prioritize convenience, but higher end models still offer great performance. Lastly, handhelds are ideal for
smaller and localization messes.

For more information on the best type of vacuum cleaner for your house, Check out Modern Castle for extensively researched lists and fully comprehensive expert buying guides.

#3 Furniture

When buying furniture, style and quality are key. What some people forget to look for is the design and creativity of how the furniture utilizes the space provided. When footprint is lacking, Furniture can be key to unlock hidden areas, provide more storage and more space as well as providing functionality and as always looking tasteful.

Storage rooms and Closets can always be made more efficient by small, cost-effective changes. Dividing the closet up into two sections as well as putting storage boxes on the floor of the storage room and cupboard can increase the usefulness of the closet space, two-fold.

Another way of making the most of your furniture is looking for unused spaces under sofas, chairs and beds. Using storage boxes and bags you can repurpose these wasted areas as storage freeing up space and providing a minimalistic look and style.

For more ideas on furniture and a list of the qualities to look out for check out Modern Castle.

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