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Love Island: How Influential Are Product Placements?

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  • 69% of Brits had never heard about the brand I Saw it First before watching Love Island
  • I Saw it First gained almost 50,000 new followers in the month of June, when Love Island stared.
  • 41% of Brits said they’re curious to find out more about a brand after seeing product placements.
  • 58% of Brits think a brand is more trustworthy if it’s being promoted by a show or social media influencers.

There is no denying that Love Island has had us glued to our screens since it began this month, with millions of people watching the singletons get grafting. In fact, figures show that in a one-week period over 5.6 million people have been watching the show. With a figure so high, it’s only natural to wonder what effects these kind of programs have on their viewership, in particular when it comes to product placements.

The exclusive fashion partner of Love Island 2021, I saw it First, has noticed a major increase in their social media following in the month of June (almost 50,000 new followers), after being showcased on the talent reality shows.

Branded merchandise experts were curious to see what the British audience watching Love Island had to say about the product placements they’ve seen on the show and the personal social media pages of the islanders. To find out the answers they’ve conducted a survey asking 1,210 Brits (974 females, 236 males) what their feelings are on the matter.

Only 31% of the Brits who took part in the survey said they knew about the brand I Saw it First before the show had started

69% of the respondents had no clue about the brand before seeing the ads during Love Island.

The ads have proven to be successful for 27% of the viewership who admitted to making a purchase from the site after watching the islanders wearing their clothing.

While only 11% of respondents were following I Saw it First on Instagram before the show started, the brand had gained a grand number of followers after the beginning of Love Island, with 45% of Brits saying they followed it after watching the love show.

When it comes to a more general perspective, the survey asked Brits how they feel about seeing product placements on the contestant’s Instagram pages or on the show, the majority (41%) said it makes them curious to learn more about the brands. 17% admit they are more inclined to buy those products if they are worn by the social media influencers, while another 21% admit to being bothered by it or just not caring at all.

When it comes to the issue of trustworthiness, 58% of the respondents said that brands seem more trustworthy when they are promoted by shows or social media influencers, while 36% say they don’t buy it.

When asked if they’ve made any purchases of products they’ve seen on Love Island, 23% admitted doing so, while the other 77% haven’t been tempted to do so yet.

Finally, Brits were asked a very important question: Do you believe that people go on Love Island to find love or for career reasons, such as securing a brand deal? To which 30% said they believe it’s all about the romance, while a more cynical 30% think it’s all about boosting their careers and grafting their way to the cash prize.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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