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The Lowry Hotel Manchester understands that children often struggle with sleeping away from home, in unfamiliar surroundings and has produced a guide for parents of their top tips for staying with children in a hotel.
The hotel is also offering a new welcome experience for children staying this summer, ensuring a five-star experience for the whole family. The package includes a special check-in and small flourishes to make your little ones feel like princes and princesses.

To add a little extra sparkle to every child’s stay, parents are being encouraged to bring along a variety of home comforts to the hotel that will make little ones feel more comfortable, including their favourite pillowcase, bedding or teddy bear which will be whisked upstairs to the hotel room while you’re checking in and placed before you get your keys giving children a warm welcome and starting their stay off in the best and most comfortable way possible.

The Lowry Hotel prides itself on providing a five-star luxury experience for all of its guests. Whatever the occasion, from a romantic proposal to an exciting birthday surprise, the hotel can personalise your welcome exactly to your needs.

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Top tips for staying in a hotel with children

Bring plenty of entertainment and home comforts

Don’t forget to pack some entertainment for children when staying at a hotel so they don’t get bored during the evenings and any downtime. Bring along as many home comforts as possible, such as your child’s favourite teddy and bedding – the familiarity will help them relax and get to sleep quicker.

Pack a nightlight

Nightlights help kids navigate their way to an unfamiliar bathroom and add comfort and security

Call ahead

If your child is a light sleeper request a room far from the lift and lobby.  Also, if you anticipate being kept awake for a bottle feed or teething, let the hotel know so that they can make you feel more relaxed putting you in a room less likely to disturb others.  Also, if you need a cot for your room or have any specific requirements for your stay with the kids, then call the hotel in advance and let them know. This will ensure you have everything you need the second you arrive.

Get them excited!

Staying in a hotel is FUN!  Get your kids excited, show them pictures of the hotel and rooms online to get them feeling familiar and comfortable from the get-go.

Give kids their own space

Unpacking and getting familiar with new surroundings is important.  Give your kids the ability to unpack and feel comfortable with a space of their own.  Somewhere to set out their toys and give them responsibility for looking after it – this relieves stress and anxiety.

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Yes, it sounds obvious but pulling things out of a suitcase is a nightmare and messy.  Much better to have all their things out so that days can be planned and outfits picked without the floor looking like a jumble sale.

Book a suite or adjoining rooms

Book a room with as much space as possible, like a suite or connecting rooms. This will ensure you can fit the whole family and all your luggage in one space. A suite with separate bedrooms or sleeping areas is perfect for travelling with younger children with early bedtimes, meaning you can stay up for longer without interrupting their sleep routine.

Make friends

Make a point of introducing your children by name to the hotel staff.  Not only will this make them feel special it will also make sure that staff can easily identify your kids in the hotel’s communal areas.

Check for local activities

Before your arrival, check for child-friendly activities and events close to the hotel to keep the kids entertained during their stay. Check with the concierge when you arrive – they’ll probably have some extra tips and recommendations that you can’t find online.

Have fun!

Remember to relax and have fun while you are staying at the hotel. Your routine won’t be exactly the same as home but remember to enjoy the extra time with the family and create some great memories during your stay.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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