The Great British BBQ: What Are the Nation’s Favourite Summer Recipes?

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As we approach the height of summer, more and more Brits will be firing up the barbecues and tying their aprons to make the most of the British summer. As we approach the prime barbecue season, people are turning away from TV and books to find inspiration for their summer recipes. Shopping app Ubamarket reveals that a staggering 3.2 million British home-cooks say social media has revolutionized how they cook daily and made them more explorative chefs. In light of this, using the hashtag #barbecuerecipes, Ubamarket reveals a few of the most popular dishes this summer:

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– Honey BBQ rib sandwich – 14,759 likes
– Balsamic soy garlic mushrooms – 3,983 likes
– Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Noodle Salad – 1,700 likes
– Chicken Skewers – 500 likes

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Recreating the dishes at home

If any of these are whetting your appetite, the challenge is now recreating these dishes at home. Ubamarket’s nationally representative research across 2,000 home-cooks reveal that 6.3million shoppers find it difficult to make Instagram-worthy meals at home due to difficulties locating products in-store:

Recipes we want to try

21% – 5.9 million people respondents report the food they eat at home is nearly entirely based on recipes they want to try.

Recipes we are excited to try

22% of home cooks – that’s nearly 6.2 million of us – manage their weekly shop based on the recipes they are excited to try, rather than buy the same ingredients every week.

Instagram and social media

2.8 million people believe Instagram and social media is more inspirational to their eating and shopping habits than TV and magazines

Plant-based and meat-free recipes

Over a quarter (7.4 million) of home-cooks –  despite not identifying as vegetarian or vegan – now try plant-based and meat-free recipes at home.

Explorative chefs

13% – 3.2 million – of home cooks say social media has revolutionized how they cook daily and made them more explorative chefs.

Diverse products

22% (6.3 million) of shoppers have difficulty locating diverse recipe products on supermarket shelves

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About Ubamarket

The UK’s most sophisticated supermarket app –  provides an in-store sat-nav to source any product on UK grocery-store shelves with speed, enabling live offers, loyalty points tracking and in-app payment in one Android and IOS solution. Ubamarket is currently available at Londis and Budgens stores nationwide will Broome, founder of Ubamarket, believes these findings are a testament to the diversification of Britain’s palate:

“It is great to see that with summer in full swing, many of us are trying out new recipes from all around the world on our barbecues. The rise of social media means we now have access to an unlimited amount of recipes to choose from and retailers should make a note so that they can improve their offerings based on consumer demand. Our research has shown that there are still 22% of shoppers having difficulty locating diverse recipe products on supermarket shelves, it seems that supermarkets across the country will have to adapt to changes in the way customers shop.

Technology can provide shoppers with an efficient and user-friendly way to navigate supermarkets, eliminating the frustration that comes from shopping instore while preserving the aspects that make instore shopping the most popular way for the British public to purchase their groceries. He is looking forward to seeing the British appetite change, diversify and broaden as supermarkets widen the variety on their shelves, sure that Ubamarket will enrich the shopping experience for these adventurous chefs.”

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