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Government Step up Action to Eradicate Smoking in England by 2030

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  • Government step up action to eradicate smoking in England by 2030
  • ONS reveals that 6.3% of UK adults use ‘vapes’ regularly, as the number of cigarette users.

Today, as part of the challenge to reduce preventable ill health in England, the Government has released a green paper in which they announce radical plans to eradicate smoking in England by 2030. Currently, 14% of adults in England smoke, but it seems that alternatives to cigarettes are on the rise.


Recently, the ONS has released its report on smoking and e-cigarette use for 2018. It has revealed that 6.3% of all over 16s in the UK in 2018 were e-cigarette users, otherwise known as vapers. This breaks down as 7.7% of men and 5% of women; an increase of 0.8% from 2017. 52.8% of respondents said that they use e-cigarettes as an aid to stop smoking, an increase from 48.8% and a five-year high. This comes as the survey reveals that 92.2% of vapers had started smoking before trying an e-cigarette.

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Simon Manthorpe, CEO of Vapemate, commented on the announcement;

“A £6bn strain on the NHS and being the main cause of 80-90% of small cell and non-small cell lung cancers demonstrate the cost of smoking in our society. Furthermore, an ever-increasing body of research continues to serve as a reminder to the nation of the dangers of smoking on our and our loved one’s health. Solutions such as vaping can relieve both the financial strain of tobacco addiction, but can also serve as an aid to help rid the nation of one of our deadliest vices.

The ONS report demonstrates how many people appear to be benefiting from using e-cigarettes as a quitting aid. The downward trend of smoking is a positive one with 14.7% of the adult population smoking in 2018, down from 15.1% in 2017 which was a further decline on the figures from 2011, which stood at 20.2%. We hope that greater education and support around using e-cigarettes responsibly is given to help smokers quit for good.”


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