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    The Best VR Chat Rooms for Adults of 2020!

    When it comes to VR, some would say that it’s a pretty young business. There have been times when people didn’t even consider VR a possibility, yet nowadays the business is booming with more and more devices being sold worldwide. The tech is getting cheaper, so more people are getting in on the fun. And […] More

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  • Photo by Emese Sélley on Unsplash

    The B67 TV Tower Tragedy: A Harrowing Tale of Height, Risk, and Reality

    Unraveling the February 2023 Incident: The Deadly Consequences of Daring Ascents

    Key Takeaways: The B67 TV Tower: A Giant on the Horizon In the city of Walnut Grove, California, the B67 TV Tower stands tall and formidable. Erected in 2000, this mammoth structure is used for broadcasting television and radio signals and measures a dizzying 2,049 feet, making it the tallest structure in California. In fact, […] More

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