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The 28 Best Blogs To Learn Marketing

Learn the everchanging do’s and don’ts of the art of marketing.

The marketing highway is a fast, changing and challenging road. It seems that every day there’s a new method, way, technique or approach that totally contradicts the one you just learned about a week ago, things around there change so fast that it will leave your head spinning constantly.

Before you drive yourself into a rage trying to understand what USP, CLV, KPI, and CTR even mean (and those are just a tiny fraction of the terms you’ll encounter), it’s better to just sit down and start taking notes as if this is your first day at college, because, trust me, if you leave the game for a month or so, you’ll know nothing anymore. If learning marketing is what you look for, consider doing it from those currently in the grind and their blogs on marketing.


#1 Backlinko

The Backlinko Content recommended by Michael Quinn.

Brian Dean’s is my all-time favorite marketing blog. He covers topics such as SEO, linking, content creation, outreach, and strategies to help you with the most common issues with digital marketing. His posts are insanely detailed, but not so technical that you’d have to be an engineer to follow. The content on has a great mix of visuals and text. He also creates video content and has a fantastic YouTube channel.

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#2 The Moz Blog

The The Moz Blog Content recommended by Cornelius Charles.

Moz is a website dedicated to educating people about marketing, and specifically about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As a business owner, I feel like online marketing is one of the most powerful tools out there.

When done correctly, SEO is a great way to get your website ranked in Google and other search engines and start driving free leads to your business. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to get your website ranked high in the search results, so business owners must decide if they want to pay someone to run their SEO efforts or attempt to do it themselves.

The Moz Blog has great information to help those wanting to perform SEO on their own. I am one of the business owners who do their own SEO. I used the Moz Blog frequently and now my website is ranked anywhere between #1 and #3 in Google search results for the main keywords I have targeted.

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#3 Ahrefs’ Blog

The Ahrefs' Blog Content recommended by Nicolas Straut.

Ahrefs is an SEO and digital marketing tool with an excellent blog and YouTube channel that publishes multiple times a week on subjects like content marketing, link building, and SEO. They consistently do interesting research on new strategies and industry trends which will help you grow your traffic and prospect list.

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#4 Neil Patel Blog

The Neil Patel Blog Content recommended by Audrey Strasenburgh.

The Neil Patel blog, in particular, offers more nebulous, food-for-thought content that sparks some great internal discussions within our marketing team. The contributors do a great job taking complicated marketing ideas and presenting them in a way that marketers of all levels of ability can understand.

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#5 The Staylisted Blog

The The Staylisted Blog Content recommended by Sarah Nelson.

The Staylisted Blog is a digital marketing blog written for the average business owner and dedicated to teaching them about marketing their business online. You won’t find any deep SEO industry jargon here. The goal is to talk like normal people, to normal people, to help business owners make smarter marketing decisions.

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#6 The Brand Lab Series™

The The Brand Lab Series™ Content recommended by Alexa Jackson.

Created by Marketing Agency, AE Marketing Group, The Brand Lab Series™ was named the top business and technology podcast by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts at the 24th Annual Communicator Awards. Currently in its fourth season, the Brand Lab Series™ features conversations with today’s most innovative executives and entrepreneurs, offering advice and insight to listeners on technology, customer experience, co-creation, marketing, employee advocacy, and more. In 2018, the Brand Lab Series™ expanded from its original podcast form to also include video and journalism features.

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#7 Cng Digital Marketing’S Blog

The CNG Digital Marketing’s blog Content recommended by Carolyn King.

CNG Digital Marketing’s blog is a fantastic resource. It consistently shares actionable, practical tips on how to improve marketing strategies. CNG Digital Marketing is a leading agency in my area, so I respect their advice and find results from emulating their strategies. From SEO to web design, they know what they’re doing!

Check it out

#8 Falcon Marketing Blog

The Falcon Marketing Blog Content recommended by Jared Cohen.

The Falcon Marketing Blog is extremely helpful in learning about a wide range of marketing techniques including ecommerce, social media targeting, search results, and branding. It also includes guides to software and new technology so you can navigate the entire marketing landscape.

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#9 Power Digital Marketing Blog

The Power Digital Marketing Blog Content recommended by Alex James.

Power Digital Marketing’s blog provides content that is ahead of the trends in the marketing world and offers key takeaways that marketing professionals and business owners can use to effectively enhance their digital presence and bottom line.

Additionally, Power Digital Marketing is a full-service marketing agency and has experts through a variety of channels from PPC, SEO, paid and organic social, PR, influencer marketing, Amazon, Content, and on.

With each department contributing to the blog content, you can be assured you’re getting industry updates and insight from true experts in the field. The content and blog topics take a deep dive into channel-specific trends and do more than just summarize marketing tactics. For this reason, the blog allows marketers and business professionals to grow from what they read.

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#10 Meera Kothand

The Meera Kothand Content recommended by Taylor Mack.

Meera blogs about all things email marketing, with other forms of digital marketing sprinkled in. Her email templates and resources have helped transform my own small business’ email marketing strategy.

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#11 Small Biz Refined

The Small Biz Refined Content recommended by Taylor Mack.

Taylor blogs about actionable social media & marketing techniques that have worked for her own small business in order to help other creative entrepreneurs grow. She focuses on e-commerce marketing, with an emphasis on the visual social media platforms (Instagram & Pinterest). Some of her strategies have been featured in Business Insider, the Associated Press, and

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#12 Melyssa Griffin

The Melyssa Griffin Content recommended by Taylor Mack.

Melyssa blogs about marketing strategies and tips for entrepreneurs. Her mantra is pursuit with purpose, meaning your marketing strategy should have a powerful goal behind it. She emphasizes making personal connections with your audience and growth through serving up value to your customers.

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#13 Sunny Lenarduzzi

The Sunny Lenarduzzi Content recommended by Whitney Singleton.

If you want to really do well when it comes to video marketing then you MUST be following Sunny Lendarduzzi. Sunny is both informative and fun to watch. She has a blog, podcast, and youtube channel sharing content about video marketing strategy. When launching my career advice youtube channel, she was my most influential teacher. I launched my blog and Youtube channel in January and I already have 43 subscribers and 1,000+ views across all my videos.

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#14 Hubspots Blog

The Hubspots Blog Content recommended by Bryan Coles.

Hubspots Blog is complementary to the other two and is certainly important for digital marketing. Hubspot is a CRM and Marketing Automation SaaS service that ties into your digital marketing efforts to help you convert more. Along with content to help you increase your conversions (which in turn will help any digital marketing) hubspot has lots of great content around SEO, Content Creation and other digital marketing content.

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#15 Beyond Social Media Show Podcast

The Beyond Social Media Show podcast Content recommended by David Erickson.

The Beyond Social Media Show is a weekly, fast-paced marketing podcast that covers the week’s best stories in digital marketing, advertsing and public relations, the week’s worst stories, some cool marketing tools, pro tips, and illuminating marketing statistics. The show is hosted by two seasoned marketing professionals: David Erickson in Minnesota and BL Ochman in New York.

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#16 Evanshardy+Young

The EvansHardy+Young Content recommended by Jaime Eschette.

Specifically focused on the food industry, EHY writes a weekly article on issues important to food marketers. Some highlights include best food ads of the quarter, social media trends relevant to the industry, tech impacting the food space, supermarket innovation and changes, food trends, and food public relations best practices.

Check it out

#17 National Positions Blog

The National Positions Blog Content recommended by Matt Erickson.

From local rankings secrets and current marketing trends to video ads and website strategies, The National Positions blog from the internet marketing agency of the same name, regularly offers tips and tricks to help SMBs increase brand awareness, improve ROI, and thrive in the online space.

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#18 Seth Godin

The Seth Godin Content recommended by Andrei Vasilescu.

Seth Godin needs no introduction. He owns probably the most advance-thinking marketing mind of this time. His knowledge on marketing is legendary that he shares through his blog. Each of his blog contents is capable of opening new boundaries of marketing. His unfathomable marketing concept and unique marketing ideas help the marketers to reach their marketing goals in the easiest ways. Every marketer must regularly follow Seth’s blog.

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#19 Siege Media

The Siege Media Content recommended by Andrei Vasilescu.

Siege Media is a renowned content marketing and digital marketing agency. Ross Hudgens, its founder, is one of the finest and mass-acclaimed digital marketing brains in this generation. In the blog of Siege Media, they share the most cutting edge marketing strategies and techniques from their own experience. Siege Media do not hesitate to defy the basic rules of marketing to reach specific marketing targets and they share these unique tricks in this blog.

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#20 Occam’S Razor

The Occam's Razor Content recommended by Shawn Lim.

On the topic of Marketing and Data Analytics, my favorite blog to follow is Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik. He is a Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google and his love for Digital Marketing Analytics really shows through his blog posts.

From basic topics like understanding bounce rate and time on site to more complex concepts like attribution, he covers a wide range of marketing analytics topics that are essential to help your business grow online. His blog posts also provide simple and actionable tips which you can implement to your business if you want to improve your marketing.

Check it out

#21 Monetizepros

The MonetizePros Content recommended by Kean Graham.

This site never ceases to amaze me by always coming out with fresh and actionable content to better monetize sites. We have picked up some great tidbits for ad optimization but it offers actionable guides for eCommerce, Amazon FBA, Youtube and so much more. This site will make you rich!

Check it out

#22 Tim.Blog

The Tim.Blog Content recommended by Kean Graham.

It’s no secret Tim Ferriss is a great thinker and a magnet for very top notch entrepreneurs to share what made them successful. I’ve picked up so many tidbits from this blog.

Check it out

#23 Tropicalmba

The TropicalMBA Content recommended by Kean Graham.

Dan and Ian are a great team that talk about the opportunities and issues that location independent entrepreneurs have. It’s a unique podcast and is high quality. I haven’t found a better podcast on the net.

Check it out

#24 Maree Jones’S Blog: The Influencer Whisperer

The Maree Jones's Blog: The Influencer Whisperer Content recommended by Maree Jones.

Maree Jones covers topics that have a real-world perspective and answer the question as to why you should take a certain approach or attitude when it comes to marketing, social media and influencer relations.

Check it out

#25 Building A Storybrand By Donald Miller

The Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller Content recommended by Chris Torrenzano.

Simple, cogent communication is critical for entrepreneurs. We’re all trying to figure out how to best articulate what we do to ensure it’s easy for prospects, customers, investors, and employees to believe in it as passionately as we do. The Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller podcast is packed with tactical insight and expert interviews. The recurring theme is Miller’s 7-part framework for simplifying how we communicate our solution’s ability to solve the pains of our customer. It’s perfect to listen to during your commute — although you may find yourself pulling over to jot down strategies.

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#26 Jocko Podcast

The Jocko Podcast Content recommended by Chris Torrenzano.

When you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, you call Jocko Willink. Retired U.S. Navy Seal and author of business leadership books, he is grit incarnate. Being an entrepreneur is an experience that will constantly test your discipline, your faith in yourself, and your ability to adapt. Jocko embodies an unrelenting attitude that one must emulate when tackling the seemingly impossible. Next time you’re questioning whether you have what it takes, stop and listen to Jocko.

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#27 The Great Detectives Of Old Time Radio

The The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio Content recommended by Chris Torrenzano.

Trouble sleeping? Listen to this podcast. It is perfectly boring. As an entrepreneur, you expose yourself to constant risk and uncertainty. Shutting your eyes and quieting your mind can be difficult. With melodic dialogue and quirky sound effects, you’ll slip into a sound sleep before you know it.

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#28 Everything Inbound

The Everything Inbound Content recommended by Emma-Jane Shaw.

Business Contribution: Perhaps I am a little bias submitting my own agency’s blog, but we’re working really hard and consistently at creating really high-quality, helpful and insightful content. If you’re looking to keep up to date with all things marketing I would definitely suggest subscribing

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The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

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Cornelius Charles from Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC

Nicolas Straut from Fundera

Audrey Strasenburgh from LogoMix

Sarah Nelson from Staylisted

Alexa Jackson from AE Marketing Group

Carolyn King from SiO Digital Marketing

Jared Cohen from Falcon Marketing

Alex James from Power Digital Marketing

Taylor Mack from Small Biz Refined

Whitney Singleton from My Passioniplets by Whitney Singleton

Bryan Coles from RKD

David Erickson from e-Strategy Media

Jaime Eschette from EvansHardy+Young, Inc.

Matt Erickson from National Positions

Andrei Vasilescu from DontPayFull

Shawn Lim from Singapore Forklifts

Kean Graham from MonetizeMore

Maree Jones from MareeJones

Chris Torrenzano from OptimumHQ

Emma-Jane Shaw from Uku Inbound

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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