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7 Podcasts For Dealing With Anxiety

Listen in to reclaim control over your nerves.

Anxiety is a liar and a very sadistic one at that. It lives on your mind and gets a kick out of getting it overworked over what very well might be the most insignificant details regarding any situation that involves you.

There’s simply no benefit on getting all worked up and worried on thinking of all the ways anything might turn out wrong, it’s masochistic and you need to make it stop. Learn how to by listening to these podcasts on how to deal with anxiety.

#1 Self-Care Simplified

The Self-Care Simplified Content recommended by Asher Khanna.

In this podcast they discuss not just anxiety, but productivity, and all aspects of wellness that help optimize your time and health.

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#2 Star-Talk

The Star-Talk Content recommended by Alberto Navarrete.

The voice of Neil deGrasse Tyson is so relaxing that you will feel the calm coming to you. Also, they always talk about the universe, you mind ramble over things bigger than yourself and put your problems in perspective.

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#3 Hollywood Babble-On

The Hollywood Babble-on Content recommended by Alberto Navarrete.

Listening to this podcast is like a hangout with your old friends. Your mind will be occupied with bad jokes and cool stories. Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman are sweethearts and will fill your heart with calm and peace

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#4 Plantrama

The Plantrama Content recommended by C.L.Fornari.

If someone is anxious, the last podcast they should listen to is something about anxiety. Many suggest that listening to a life-affirming podcast about plants is the perfect treatment. Healthy food, beautiful flowers, and learning about the fascinating world of plants is calming. Studies have shown that thinking about, seeing, or walking through woods and gardens lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and calms anxiety.

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#5 F*Ck Anxiety & Get Sh*T Done

The F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done Content recommended by Vikki Yaffe.

A no BS approach to anxiety, empowering, direct and informative. A new podcast that promises to be entertaining, educational and f*cking useful!

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#6 The Anxiety Guy

The The Anxiety Guy Content recommended by Adina Mahalli.

If you’re struggling through anxiety, check out this podcast created by Dennis Simsek. Simsek shares his wide array of knowledge on what causes anxiety and how people experiencing it can best help themselves. Sinsek is a CBT and NLP coach, and he’s helped countless individuals move past anxiety to live more freeing lives.

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#7 Make Some Noise

The Make Some Noise Content recommended by Karly Nimmo.

Make Some Noise is a podcast exploring creativity, self expression and the connection to mental well-being. In times gone by creativity was an integral part of community life: we sang, we danced and we created (weaving baskets, creating costumes, etc) and these days it’s an after thought. Something we do if and when we finish everything else on our to-do lists.

Karly Nimmo is setting out to change that. She wants to bring what is seen as ‘frivolous’ and ‘indulgent’ to the forefront. Make it a priority. In Make Some Noise Karly explores whether there are legit links between how we live today and the epidemic levels of mental health issues (primarily depression and anxiety) we are currently experiencing. Make Some Noise speaks with professionals in the mental health space; psychologists, psychotherapists, art and music therapists. Plus stories of real life stories of how self expression can play an important role in improving mental wellbeing.

The show is a mix of personal storytelling, expert knowledge of how the brain functions and practical tips to help navigate mental health.

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz

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