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The Benefits of Comics in Education

It is not surprising that the visual representation of information is extremely efficient. Pictures are more engaging and memorable than words because our brain processes them much faster. Text works better when it is supported by visual materials. And when it comes to comics, there is another essential feature to mention. Not only they combine images and text, but they are also based on storytelling. Such a combination makes them a perfect tool for education. Comics present information more effectively than any other medium. If any of your friends like them, you can easily confirm that he remembers all the characters’ names, superpowers, stories, levels, costumes, and everything else in chronological order.

Of course, no wonder that there are studies that prove: comics are more efficient than textbooks. In the following article, we will discuss this claim.

Slower reading

Some students are used to give a quick thumb to texts they read. They skim pages and overlook the important details that are not obvious from the first glance. That is why children fail to fully internalize the content and grasp the richness of the text. Reading comics, they look at the pictures and slow down automatically. This might be a great practice to develop attentive and thoughtful reading habits.

Adaptation of classical texts

Not all comics are entertaining, and not all graphic novels are about beautiful pictures only. There are educational comics and even adapted versions of classical books like Pride and Prejudice or Shakespearean plays as well. What is more, artists and writers create serious and deep works, which can compete with traditional novels. Today, comics as a genre takes their place in libraries and win literary awards.

Improve self-esteem

Some students don’t really understand the necessity of reading because they don’t get any satisfaction from the process. As a result, their self-esteem decreases, and they don’t want to read at all. They start thinking that they are “weak” readers. Losing embrace of studying, youngsters tend to look for custom writing essay service, get frustrated, and rarely come back to reading and learning when they grow up. However, the reason is that nobody really shows them how reading can benefit their lives. Reading comics, kids boost their engagement and improve language skills. Visual novels can become the first step toward serious reading as a living habit.

Art in education

Today, art in the classroom is underestimated, and most colleges and schools neglect this program. Comics and visual novels as study tools can bring them back to classes.

Boost imagination

Talking about the benefits of comic books, one should mention that they boost students’ imagination, critical thinking, storytelling skills, and creativity. This is especially true when it comes to speechless comics – they are based on images only, making every reading experience truly unique. When pictures are not limited to words, they are open for any interpretation, allowing a child’s imagination to flow freely. Such exercises are extremely useful for further education.

More complex thinking

Comics encourage us to use different modalities simultaneously. Readers have to process and interconnect various types of presented information – textual, visual, and dimensional. All these components should be combined and integrated into a story to make it work as one whole. Even though TV and video games use images and speech at the same time as well, comics are more complicated. You never “just look at the pictures” when reading a visual novel, because your brain processes everything you see and creates bonds between the elements. This is a piece of work to do, while games and television do everything instead of you, so you remain a passive observer.

Stories are great for your brain

Another reason why comics are essential is that they make you a better reader. Reading more, you develop your analytical skills and approaches to this activity. However, there are more benefits to pay attention to. While becoming a better reader, you develop brain functions and build new neuronal connections in it. The neural activity of your brain changes, and your cognitive functions become better. Comic books are always story-based, so reading them is a great way to change and improve the way you think.

Reading comics is so much fun

Marvel and DC, Superman and Batman, Japanese and French visual novels. You cannot stay away from pop culture if you are not living in a wood. Comics characters and stories are great, so there are no reasons to neglect them. Why not immerse yourself in this fantastic culture and look for the best place to buy comics online? It’s so much fun! And it goes without mentioning that adding fun into the educational process is beneficial. When learning is associated with pleasure and enjoyment, students are more likely to stick to it. That is way, comics in the classroom might be a really great idea.


Comics are pretty costly and effective learning tools because they encourage readers to participate in the process actively. When reading a visual novel, you never receive information but construct the entire world in real-time. Interacting with images, text, composition, and story, students create the meaning and make words and pictures work as one whole. Comics in the classroom can boost students’ creativity, encourage them to read more, and improve their interpretational and reading skills. Visually-represented information is extremely engaging. Students memorize and process it more efficiently than text. And the most important – children enjoy reading comics! As such, comic books in the classroom make kids more interested and motivated to learn.

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Jeff Blaylock is a copywriter and blogger with great interest in popular culture. He is fond of comics, movies, and video games. Jeff is assured that these mediums are more than sources of entertainment since they influence all layers of our existence. He likes to analyze these processes and search for connections between social life and pop culture patterns.

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Written by Jeff Blaylock

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