Why Over-Packing Is A Sign Of A Bad Wardrobe


How finding your ‘One True Get-up’ can save you money.

what you mean phoebe, is you have nothing GOOD to wear...

Though we might not admit it, we all secretly still hang on to the belief that our one true love is out there, waiting to bump our books right out of our hands so that we can lock eyes as we awkwardly stoop down to pick them up.

*stoop* *lock eyes* *fall in love*

But what if we had a perfect outfit out there too?

Minimalists across the globe are now swearing by this new idea that if it doesn’t make you look your best ever, don’t buy it and don’t pack it. They even go so far as to say you should have just one smart outfit in your wardrobe or suitcase and that stressing over many combinations of pieces is just a sign that you have not got your style figured out.

Read about it for yourself with; Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life by bestselling author Joshua Fields Millburn or listen to the podcasts to find other ways minimalism can increase your productivity and make your life more meaningful.

They suggest that you should not even have to think about the possibility of the ‘will this go well with that?’ or ‘does this top clash with those pants?’ conundrums that sadly us first world ladies seem ever so burdened with.

Instead, it seems, one should have a fool-proof, killer outfit already prepped and polished for every fancy occasion. Same goes for beach outfit, work outfit, and walking-the-dogs-in-the-countryside outfit. (although some hardcore minimalists might propose that these actually fall under the same category *gasp!*)

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And no, this (sadly) does not mean you can shop until you drop trying to find your ‘one true outfit’.

Rather, it means buying bits and bobs here and there is probably the reason money just seems to crawl its way out of your purse every time you’re not looking.

By finding just a single smart outfit that you know will reliably get you through any evening dinner or event will save a lot of money in the long run, and by doing this with each occasion, undoubtedly make more room in your luggage!

This goes for you too, lads and sirs, too many choices of tie just demonstrates that you have not found your shade yet. You could save hundreds of pounds by minimizing the size of your wardrobe down to just the exemplary items that really make you feel fabulous. Here’s a great guide to get you started on your new ‘Curated Closet’.

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…maybe you should glue yourself to Simplify: 7 guiding principles to Help anyone declutter their home & life.

In fact, according to minimalists, having to do less decision-making will actually reduce stress and investing in experiences instead of things will leave you feeling more satisfied. Afterall, ‘less physical clutter = less mental clutter’.

Why not declutter that wardrobe, go find your one true get-up and live fashionably ever after?…

If those weren’t enough here are 3 more books on minimalism that could change the way you think and dress:

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