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Most Popular Type of Drawing – Landscape Artworks

Landscape is one of the leading artistic genres today, but it has had to fight for that status! So now we will try to talk about such kind of drawing and to show you a new online gallery, that open doors to Eastern Europe artworks. You can also choose and buy paintings on their website.

What is landscape drawing as a type of drawing?

During the Renaissance, landscapes were only a conventional backdrop for the subjects of Sacred or Ancient history. But from the late 18th century onwards, with the work of British and French masters, landscape painting became increasingly concrete and precise.

Finally the XIXth century brought the landscape painter to the nature – there appeared plein air painting, and the artist with a sketchbook could walk miles in search of spectacular views. In impressionism painting the understanding of landscape as an impression of the changing beauty of the world was formed.

In the twentieth century, the art of modernism is a huge stylistic diversity of landscape painting: cubist landscapes, abstract geometric and expressionist landscapes, surrealist landscapes and many others. Luckily, the realistic landscape hasn’t gone out of fashion either.

What landscape painted artworks can be?

The answer to the 21st century is: whatever. The classical landscape with fields of wheat and dense trees is no better and no more valuable today than an abstract landscape in which the same objects are rendered as fields of colour and lines. The main thing in a modern landscape is the artist’s original view and mood. There are no technical restrictions too, landscapes are executed in oil on canvas, acrylics, watercolours, graphic materials and sometimes in soot, sand and tar!

Landscapes are usually classified according to their subject matter:

  • Urban or architectural landscape
  • Industrial landscape (factories, mines, plants)
  • Water scenes (seascapes, rivers, waterfalls)
  • Wildlife (glaciers, mountains, forests, often with animals)
  • Rural and park landscapes

What is the most popular landscape for design of apartment?

Landscapes, well matched to the interior, will be an ornament to any room. Size and shape are important: a small room (children’s room, bedroom) should have several small paintings, while a large room (living room, dining room) should have one large, horizontally or vertically shaped landscape on the central wall. The style is very important: in a classic interior a non-figurative landscape will be dissonant, but a realistic one will fit perfectly. For modern minimalist interiors the art market offers a wide range of landscapes in different directions of modernism and postmodernism.

Landscape paintings on online art platform G.ART Gallery

Online art market is the fast growing segment of the contemporary art market. Online art platform G.ART Gallery offers to buy landscape paintings from Eastern Europe online. All works of art are carefully selected and their originality and quality is guaranteed. You will find a great variety of styles, colors, sizes and techniques of landscape painting in our online art platform G. ART Gallery.

How to buy landscape painting?

Once your landscape painting is chosen according to your specifications, all you need to do is to pay the online purchase price and prepare a place in your interior. If you use our Gart Gallery landscape painting page to buy artwork – the work will be qualitatively packed and delivered by a reliable delivery company.

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Written by Leigh Ann Newman

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