The Algae Supplement That’s Better for You and the Planet

The benefits of including an Omega-3 Supplement to your health include:

  • Improve cardiovascular health and decrease the chance of heart attack or stroke by supporting healthy blood pressure and helping lower cholesterol.
  • Support cognitive function across all age groups including eldery struggling with memory issues or young children struggling with ADHD
  • Support pregnancy and healthy fetal development
  • Reduce joint pain by increasing and sustaining calcium levels needed for strong, healthy, bones.
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support eye health and vision
  • … and much more.

Based on these benefits your doctor has probably encouraged you to start taking an Omega-3 supplement. But, maybe you are vegan and thought there weren’t any options out there for you. Maybe you simply hate the fishy aftertaste of most fish based Omega-3 capsuls. Or maybe you are concerned about the industry of farming fish and the harm of overfishing to our ocean’s ecosystem.

If any of these sound like you, consider an algae supplement to add these essential Omega 3’s into your diet.

Why Algae?

An algae supplement takes the middleman out of the process. The middleman isn’t the pharmacy you buy your vitamins from, or even the man who catches the fish– it’s the fish themselves. You see, the fish aren’t the original source of Omega-3s. The cod, mackerel, salmon, tuna, and krill which we use to create Omega-3 supplements are so high in Omega 3’s because of the algae they eat. When we go straight to the source of the algae to create our supplements we can reap all the benefits of Omega 3’s without any need for fish.

Algae supplements are a much more sustainable option. When we derive our Omega 3’s directly from the source we avoid damaging our oceans with overfishing. Krill is essential to the fight against global warming. By leaving it in our oceans we allow it to do the hard work of consuming the microalgae and turning that atmospheric carbon within into sediment. This keeps carbon trapped at the bottom of the ocean and out of our atmosphere.

If you care about both your health and the health of our environment: Iwi is the premiere algae supplement.

Why Iwi?

Health and Science

They have worked to create the best algae supplement with a patented Almega®PL, this is an algae containing naturally occurring phospholipids and glycolipids. These encourage spontaneous emulsions. Which means this specific algae contains the highest absorption rate found in the human body – 50% higher than a fish or krill derived Omega 3 supplement. Not only is this better for you; it’s better for ocean life.

Our Environment

That’s because they didn’t stop at just finding the best source of algae, they took it a step further. They developed a way to farm this algae on dry land so as not to damage our ocean’s unique ecosystems. In fact, in just 2 square meters Iwi is able to farm enough algae to produce 360 softgel algae supplements, enough to last one person an entire year. To get the same yield from supplements derived from fish or krill it would require 13,600 krill or 110 fish. Think of how much damage one person’s supplement supply alone would cause, not to mention the thousands of people who use Omega 3 supplements daily. By choosing Iwi you are a part of the solution.

Iwi truly cares about their environmental footprint. Not only did they develop farms on unused land in the desert of Texas and New Mexico.They developed non traditional methods of farming with saltwater to grow their algae crop in order to preserve freshwater and reduce waste. They even take it a step further by recycling 97% of the water they use in the algae farming process. By harnessing the sun’s power they grow their algae and yield more crop per acre or gallon than any other traditional plant or animal farms. Iwi relies entirely on sustainable energy to power their algae farms. This sort of ingenuity is crucial to finding ways to feed our world without damaging our planet.

Add Iwi Algae Supplements to Your Daily Routine

By adding Iwi to your daily routine you will be supporting your own health. Reap the benefits of an algae supplement without harming our oceans. Improve your focus, vision, strength, and heart health by taking one small pill everyday. Not only will you no longer have any of those gross fishy burps you get from traditional Omega 3 supplements; but, you’ll be supporting a company that goes above and beyond to create sustainable farming opportunities in the USA. By investing in an algae supplement from Iwi you are also investing in the health of our planet. When you support Iwi you support their desire to create sustainable solutions to feed our growing world.



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Written by Leigh Ann Newman

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