Of Dogs And Men

Of Dogs And Men – A Book To Cherish

Of Dogs and Men is the illustrated story of the dogs of the British Antarctic Survey 1944-1994. For 50 years men and dogs shared the hardships, the fun and the work together. This beautiful book captures some of the moments in a nostalgic and evocative manner.

Many people contributed photographs and writings about their unique experiences. Happy, sad, funny and tragic – it is all here. We get to know some of the characters and to appreciate the differences in the dogs – slow and steady, heroes and cowards – the leaders who could find the safest route as by magic, and the immensely strong dogs closer to the sledge. There were some incredible stories about what these dogs did, how far they travelled, sometimes all alone in the Antarctic wilderness.

Rick Atkinson
Rick Atkinson

The lavish use of photographs greatly enhanced the book. There was a touch of nostalgia as their 50 years of teamwork in the Antarctic came to a close – but now, with concerm[ns about pollution, maybe the husky will have a resurgence here.

My only regret is that I borrowed the book and have to return it. But I intend to buy my own copy very soon. If you like dogs or have any interest in Antartica – this book is not just a must-read – it’s a must-have.

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