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British Heroes By Tony Robinson – A Journey Right There

This book was written to accompany the Channel four series “Fact or Fiction” and came out in 2003.

The book is one that handles well. The layout is attractive and helps guide one through the stories in the text. With many illustrations, it is a pleasure to pick up and read. It’s not too unwieldy, the print is a good size for easy reading and the many maps add to the excitement.

The idea that we could ourselves follow in the footsteps, guided by this book, is enticing, and the details are all there for us. A great idea! I did wish there has also been a very simple map of Britain with the major points of interest marked – I had to lug out my atlas to find Thetford! That would also have given a sense of distance in the various people chosen – each with their different colour to make their locations. But that is a minor niggle, as overall I enjoyed the easy style of writing, the many pictures and the attractiveness of this volume. Tony Robinson has done a great deal of the hard research, so I could relax and simply devour the stories.

I was particularly fascinated by his chapter of Robin Hood – but I did wonder where the story of the Potter and Robin Hood was – I shall have to find it.

I remain intrigued as to how Tony Robinson chose his five heroes. Maybe he should write about some more and if he does I will read the book (or even watch the television series). This volume I will treasure.

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