The Organised Mind By Daniel Levitin - Intriguing And Practical.

The Organised Mind By Daniel Levitin – Intriguing And Practical.

If you find life is running away from you and you want to organize it so that you are able to find time to be creative and to have more fun – then this is the book for you.

Information overload – we have 300,000,000,000,000,000,000 pieces of man-made information available. (There are only between 100 billion to 400 billion stars in the Milky). No wonder we often feel exhausted, just trying to keep up with the reading, the watching, the listening – and twitter.

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Levitin is a professor of psychology, behavioral neuroscience and music, so he is well-qualified to discuss the way we absorb, forget and organize information. He debunks some common myths and clarifies the different roles within our brains when we create new ideas, learn facts and make decisions. He also gives practical advice on how to do it better, laced with a sense of humor which makes the whole story more digestible.

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The book is divided into three parts plus a useful introduction. I personally found the first part the most illuminating. I could relate it to my own life and have taken away some very useful tips. The second part gives practical advice on organizing your life at home and at work. A lot of this is just plain common senses – something in short supply? It’s worth checking out what you already do and maybe instituting some changes to improve your own system.

Finally, he looks to the future. How will we best teach our children to manage the huge amount of information they will be bombarded with? All teachers and parents should take heed of this.

In my view, any thinking person will find much to cogitate on between these pages. I think I shall be referring to this book many times (and, hopefully, putting some of the practical advice into practice.)

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