Illustrated Guide to North American Mythology

Illustrated guide to North American Mythology

This is a nice volume to hold and dip into and a great starting point for conversation. Both a coffee table book and one to read. The nice part is that one can relate these stories to one’s children as “the genuine article”.

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The book is packed with illustrations – often drawings made over 100 years ago and photographs taken many years ago which give an authentic taste to the tales. An education in itself! At times one can almost put oneself in the early adventurers’ shoes.

The chapters include a short introduction and then dives into the following principal headings: Algonquian, Iroquois, Sioux, Pawnee and finally tales from the North and Pacific coasts. When you are fortunate enough to live near or visit some of the places mentioned it adds an extra dimension. The close relationship with the wild animals pervades the tales. They had a rich culture and it is a pleasure to be able to share a small part of it throughout these pages.

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I did find the writing a little dry for a child – it would be lovely to rewrite these stories for children, with suitable drawings to go with a more junior text. But the stories are well told and economically written.

This is a small offering to keep the stories alive in our World today, and deserves to be widely read – we can learn from those North American Indians and their myths.

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