Rupi Kaur’s Books and How They Revolutionized Poetry

An Indian-born, Canadian-raised poet, writer, illustrator, and performer, Rupi Kaur has become a global icon with her honest and straightforward poetry. The 26-year-old sensation has released two books— Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers. Both collections of poems are comprised of themes surrounding love, heartbreak, healing, revolution, and womanhood. A leader of the self-care movement, she’s sold more than three million copies worldwide and won a well-deserved spot on The New York Times bestseller list.

Rupi’s books have brought new life to the world of poetry with their candid voice and unique illustrations drawn by Kaur herself. Kaur has a gift of taking complex thoughts and feelings and putting them into short, understandable poems that help give those searching for the right words hope. She doesn’t want the reader to feel as if they must perform surgery to find the point of a poem.

A Poets Rise to Fame

Many fans of Rupi’s discovered her through social media (mainly Instagram). Rupi made a name for herself on the app when a post for a school project gained a lot of attention and became somewhat of a controversy. But, as people began looking her up due to all the commotion, they ended up staying for her poetry. Since gaining so much popularity, Kaur has become a trendsetter, and she even sparked a new genre—“Insta-poets.” This term describes the new generation of writers who have all found success thanks to their social media presence.

Like all high-profile social media figures, Rupi is no stranger to criticism. After the success of her work, parody accounts and memes began popping up all over the internet, poking fun at how “easy” it is to write poems similar to Rupi’s; the joke being that you can take any conversation and make it poetry by writing in all lowercase letters and throwing in some random breaks—Kaur’s signature. However, Rupi chooses to look past the hate and has not stopped sharing her words with her loyal and beloved followers.

Milk & Honey

Milk and Honey is the first published collection of Kaur’s poetry and prose. which covers topics like survival, love and heartbreak, womanhood, and the process of healing. The collection is split into four chapters, each serving a different purpose. Readers are led through a journey of some of life’s most bitter moments and are shown how sweetness can be found within them—you just have to be willing to look for it.

The Sun and Her Flowers

Her long-awaited second poetry collection is composed of five chapters. Readers join Rupi on a vibrant and uplifting path to healing, self-love, and embracing one’s roots. A celebration of love in all its forms, Rupi gives readers hope with forthright poems and unique illustrations.

Future Goals & Dreams

Rupi Kaur’s books have allowed her to claim a special space in the world of literature. She has cultivated a special connection with her audience, and she hopes to perform more readings for her fans in the future. As for her next journey, Rupi is focusing on writing from a new point of view that follows the story of her immigrant parents. She also has dreams of writing more prose and finding a place within the music industry writing songs for her favorite artists.

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Written by Logan Voss

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