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Where You Should Shop for Fashionable Affordable Athleisure

Trying to get back in shape is a challenging but rewarding resolution that many individuals make at the start of the New Year. Before you head back to the gym, it’s important to get your workout gear in order. What you wear to the gym matters—it can actually boost your confidence.  

One of the most popular choices for workout clothing is athleisure; this popular and versatile trend is seen at all the high-end athletic stores such as Nike and Lululemon. However, these brands can be a bit pricey. Thankfully there are many great alternative brands who offer quality, affordable athleisure options. Check out a few of our favorite options below.  

Old Navy

Old Navy is a great place to find stylish gym clothing without breaking the bank. They offer a variety of colorful sportswear. Old Navy is known for their incredible discounts and frequents sales, so you can usually pick up more clothes than you planned on getting while still saving money. 


Target houses a multitude of different sporting brands such as C9 Champion, Umbro, and JoyLab. They offer a wide range of affordable athleisure from women’s sports bras and leggings to men’s workout shirts and compression pants.  


You can find popular brands such as Nike, Under Armor, and Adidas at Kohl’s tagged with low prices you won’t find anywhere else. On top of their incredible deals, consumers can also use Kohl’s cash to save even more money on their purchases. From workout clothes to exercise equipment, Kohl’s has everything you need to get back in shape. 


H&M is known for having the trendiest items at the most affordable prices. They have a large collection of sportswear for men, women, and children. H&M also recently launched their new conscious sportswear collection which is both attractive and environmentally friendly.

Forever 21

Forever 21 has their own collection of unique and inexpensive activewear for women. Their catalog includes sports bras, leggings, jumpsuits and more—all within an affordable price range. 

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Written by Logan Voss

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