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5 Packable Pieces that are Meant to Travel

Fitting everything you need for a trip into one suitcase can seem like an impossible task, but with the right compact travel essentials, you may even end up with room to spare! This list of packable pieces that are meant to travel is the solution to your storage struggles.

Foldable Shoes

It’s no surprise that these compact shoes are great for traveling. Foldable footwear comes in a variety of styles; from chic and polished to structured and athletic. Whether you’re strolling through museums or strutting across the city, these shoes are fit for any itinerary.

Neutral Pieces

Instead of packing a completely different outfit for every day of your trip, save room by filling your bag with neutral pieces. You can easily mix and match these versatile garments to form a variety of different outfits without clashing.

Jacket with Multiple Pockets

Keep your valuables close to your chest by wearing a jacket with multiple pockets. These coats eliminate the need to lug around a bag while still keeping all your items organized. Pro-tip: load them with any items you couldn’t fit in your carry-on to help you avoid baggage fees at the airport.

Lightweight Clothing

The weather can be unpredictable when you’re traveling, so it’s good to be prepared. However, packing warm, thick clothes can quickly take up a lot of room in your bag. Do your best to avoid these bulkier items, and pack thin clothes that can be layered on top of one another if the temperature dips.

Canvas Bag

The flexible material of canvas bags makes them the perfect travel accessory. Use them as a duffle bag or pack one in your suitcase to use in place of a bulky purse. You’ll be surprised by how much you can squeeze into these accommodating bags.

By swapping out cumbersome items with these packable pieces that are meant to travel, you can cut down on the stress of packing and still have everything you need to enjoy your trip.

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Written by Logan Voss

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