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How to Host a Tea Party: Tips, Tricks, & Etiquette

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When you think about tea parties, royalty probably comes to mind. However, afternoon tea parties are not the stuck-up affairs that they used to be. In fact, if you’re looking to host a get together that’s not as excessive as a dinner party, then a tea party is for you! Here we’ll outline how to host a—modern and adult-like—tea party!

How to Host a Tea Party

  • Send out Invites

    Select a date that works for all your guests and send out your invitations. Depending on the reason for the party, your invitation can range from formal to casual. Consider sending out electronic invitations if you want to save on paper and send consistent reminders to your guests.

  • Purchase Tea and Other Essentials

    When it comes to tea party etiquette, it’s standard to only serve loose tea. Go through different stores and buy a wide variety of teas. You’ll want to get the basics like English Breakfast and a Chamomile, but it’ll be fun for guests if you purchase other varieties. Think about jasmine, peppermint, herbal, and fruity teas.You’ll also want to buy all your tableware, such as teacups, saucers, and tiered cake stands for snacks.

  • Plan Your Menu

    One of the main aspects of a tea party is finger snacks. Since it’s common to serve tea before dinner and after lunch, the food at your party should be more snack-based. Make sure your selection includes sweet and savory bites. From finger sandwiches and scones to tiny cakes and macaroons, you’ll want to have a multitude of awesome tea time treats. Take time to research which snacks pair best with the different varieties of teas you plan on having.

  • Set the Table Properly

    Before you set out the food and start warming up the teapots, you need to make sure that your table is set respectably. It’s crucial that you have a nice white tablecloth and some napkins that add a pop of color to your table. Whether you’re going elegant or casual, you’ll want to purchase either cloth or paper napkins.
    From there, you’ll want to place the teapots wherever the host is sitting—the host serves all the tea. Be sure to set out sugar cubes, honey, lemon slices, and any other additional ingredients people like in their tea. Take all the time you need to ensure that the area is set up well; there shouldn’t be any clutter.

  • Remember Tea Party Etiquette

    If you’re going for a more elegant tea party, you’ll need to freshen up on proper etiquette. Remember to pick up the teacup and saucer together—you should only lift your cup away from the saucer just before it reaches your mouth. You should also try and avoid placing too much food on your plate—tea parties are meant to be a snack, not replace a full meal. It’s also important to note that you should eat scones and sandwiches by hand but consume cakes with a fork.

  • Send-Off Gifts

    A great way to end the tea party is with some personalized gifts. Let your guests leave with a small jar of their own personalized tea so that they can remember the fun day!

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Written by Logan Voss

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