7 Ways to Creatively Reuse Glass Jars

If you use your imagination, a glass jar can become something much more than a simple storage device. The recent mason jar craze has provided us with ample creative ways to use glass jars.

1. A Twig Vase

twig vase

For this project, you’ll use hot glue to stick beautiful twigs on the outside of your glass jar. This twig vase looks beautiful accompanied with fresh flowers, and it makes a great gift for a loved one.

2. Solar Lights

solar lights

These emit a delicate, diffused light. They’ll look ethereal when placed outside your home during the summer. They’re also great to set around your house after lights-out, and they can even act as night-lights for kids.

3. A Juicer


There are so many fun attachments you can buy to completely transform your mason jars. This juicer attachment fits perfectly on wide-mouth mason jars, allowing you to easily catch and store juice. The juice will stay fresh for much longer in the jar than it would in a different container, and it leaves almost no mess behind.

4. A Honey Jar

honey jar

Turn any glass jar into a handy honey dipper with this inexpensive screw-on lid. The handy attachment provides you with a whole new use for your jars. The dipper is designed to be stored inside the jar without falling in, so you’ll never have to worry about creating a sticky mess.

5. A Photo Frame

photo frame

Place your cherished memories in a mason jar, and you have yourself a new way to display photos. Add a vintage touch by dressing up your jar with some frosted glass paint.

6. An Herb Garden

herb garden

Old glass jars are the perfect places to grow your herbs. Many people are hesitant to start growing their own plants, but it really couldn’t be easier. Throw some dirt into your glass jars and choose your seeds—with consistent watering and sunlight, you’ll infuse your kitchen with the scents of aromatic herbs.

7. A Tissue Holder

tissue holder

Living frugally doesn’t mean living without color—you can decorate your glass jars however you want. Add sparkle, shine, and bright hues to your jar, then use it as a homemade tissue box. You can complete this project with common home materials, but the craft store will have any extra tools you may need.

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Written by Logan Voss

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