6 Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

At times, you can easily repair parts of your living space yourself. When it comes to certain home improvement projects, however, you may not want to play a YouTube video tutorial and “just wing it.” To ensure you don’t do more harm than good, we pinpoint six home repairs you should never do yourself.

Any Electrical Work

Sure, a light switch seems like an easy thing to replace, but as you continue to tackle more complex projects, you’ll quickly realize that electricity is dangerous to work with. If you rewire your home incorrectly, things can even become deadly—you could electrocute yourself or start a fire. You may even have issues selling your home; inspectors will note that you attempted to modify the original electrical work. Additionally, most cities have regulations that licensed and insured electricians know how to follow, so don’t put yourself at risk when you don’t have to.

Asbestos Removal

While you can remove asbestos by yourself to save money, we urge that you don’t—asbestos is a toxic insulation material that only prepared teams of professionals should eliminate. There are even laws that regulate asbestos removal because it’s so harmful to homeowners and their neighbors.

Extensive Basement Renovations

When it comes to renovating your basement, you may think that all you need to do is build it out.  Any changes you make to this area of your home, however, will affect the rest of it. If you poorly construct your new basement and haphazardly waterproof it, you could face a whole host of issues.

Modifications to Gas Appliances

Your house most likely holds numerous gas appliances, such as your dryer, oven, stove, and water heater; attempting to modify these essentials is just too risky. If you make any errors while hooking up or moving gas lines, you could start leaks—even if you turn off the gas beforehand. To avoid potentially unsafe situations, hire qualified experts to help you install or move gas appliances.

Major Plumbing Jobs

It’s one thing if you unclog a drain, but large repairs, like installing a sink or toilet, should be left to seasoned plumbers. They can locate suitable areas for your new fixtures, and you won’t have to fork out thousands down the line to fix any mistakes you made.

Building a Fence

Though you may be able to do the actual nailing down of the fence, you’re better off letting the professionals handle the job. When looking for a fence, you need to figure out what type of fence you want or need. Choices like wood or metal, private fence or open barred designs are plentiful.

Roof Repairs

Your roof is paramount to your home’s overall health; it provides essential protection against the elements. Because it’s so important, you’ll want experienced roofing contractors to complete the repairs for you—even if you believe they’re minor. Plus, it’s not safe to walk on your roof; you can slip, fall, and seriously injure yourself.

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Written by Logan Voss

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