6 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Car

You should always be thinking ahead when it comes to your car—with the proper care and maintenance, you could end up doubling the value. While car depreciation is real, it doesn’t have to largely affect your vehicle. You can make back the amount you paid for it by utilizing these easy ways to increase the value of your car.

Keep it Clean

This might be a no brainer, but it remains true. Get your car washed regularly (at least once a month) to maintain a healthy shine. You should also wax your car at least twice a year. However, the outside isn’t the only part of your car you want to keep clean. Don’t forget to vacuum and wipe down the inside of your car as well.

Fix Any Blemishes

Not every car is perfect. There are often little blemishes that require repairs such as scratches, rust, dents, and more. The good news is, most of these minor damages are pretty easy to fix. Take time to research the numerous ways you can restore your car.

Watch Mileage

While certain types of vehicles can handle thousands of miles, it is still in your best interest to keep the mileage low. Mileage tells prospective buyers a lot about how much time the car has spent on the road—the higher the mileage, the higher the possibility that the car could need extensive repairs down the line. So the lower it is, the more money you’ll receive.

Park It in A Garage

The weather can cause a lot of damage to your car, which is why garages are the first place people look to store their vehicles. An easy way to increase the value of your car is to keep it in a garage or find another way to keep it well protected.

Get Checkups

Cars have a lot going on, most of which we can’t see on the surface. That is why you’ll want to get regular checkups from a trusted mechanic. They will be able to diagnose any problems your vehicle may have and quickly fix them, so you can keep your car as healthy as possible.

Don’t Beat it Up

Our last easy way to increase your car’s value is to be careful when you drive it. There are plenty of obstacles on the road, such as potholes, that can do real damage to your vehicle. Be careful on the road—if you avoid any obstructions on the road and drive safely, you’ll be able to keep your car in good shape.

Get a personalized registration

More and more people are recognizing the value of a private number plate. Depending on the number and letter combination, this simple accessory has the potential for cash returns in the future. Keep an eye on short and dateless number plates and those with popular initials if you want one that you can eventually sell at a higher price.

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Written by Logan Voss

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