How to Boost Your Restaurant’s Curb Appeal

It isn’t only residential real estate that requires a strong curb appeal. Houses are a one and done sale, but restaurants are a different story. Their income and overall success is based off their ability to draw in new faces every day while still attracting their repeat customers. It’s no secret that the way your business looks on the outside plays a huge role in both. Check out these tips that explain how to boost your restaurant’s curb appeal and bring in more business.

1. Let your exterior do the talking

Your restaurant’s exterior should ultimately reflect who you are as a business. You want your customers to have an idea of what to expect just by driving past the building. This should be emulated by the building’s colors, your logo’s font, and even any foliage you display outside.

2. Pay attention to the windows

Your windows allow customers to see everything you have to offer, and you want that view to look as irresistible as your food tastes. One of the most important things you can do is make sure your windows are always clean. Rid them of all smudges, dust, and bugs. You should also be sure the view they provide of the inside is attractive.

3. Maintain the parking lot

Though it may not be the first thing to come to mind, parking lots can easily turn business away. If it isn’t easy to drive through, or there are notable obstacles, potential customers may just leave before stepping foot outside their vehicle. Make sure you maintain your parking lot to give off the same clean appearance as the inside of your building.

4. Keep everything well lit

Someone driving by your restaurant at night could easily miss it if it’s too dark to capture their attention. If your restaurant is open, people should be able to see it. Make sure the building is well lit during the day and at night. You should also ensure your outdoor light is always focused on your sign.

5. Display a menu outside

An outside menu is always sure to grab the attention of anyone walking past it. Once something has caught a customer’s eye, you have them hooked. Display a blown-up version of your menu outside so that it’s easy to notice and read.

6. Keep trash cans out of sight

Trash cans are unattractive—it’s indisputable. Additionally, the smell of trash can immediately have a negative effect on someone’s appetite. It’s a good idea to keep any trash cans behind the building where no one can see or smell them.

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Written by Logan Voss


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  1. Well, I agree with you that restaurant owners must always keep their exterior windows clean from smudge, dust, and bugs. You’re also right about the importance of maintaining the parking lot’s clean appearance. If I were them, I would make sure to hire a paving contractor that will be able to fix any cracks and scratches in the restaurant’s sidewalk and parking lot.

  2. I agree with you that restaurant owners must have an exterior design that will show their brand’s identity. You are also right about the importance of getting rid of the smudges, dust, and bugs in the windows. Anyhow, if I were them, I would also hire a commercial painting service that will be able to repaint the establishment and make it more modern.

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