Five Ways to Preserve Your Books

With digital media increasingly replacing physical forms of media, it’s even more important that we properly preserve our books. Books are one of the oldest forms of physical media that still exists. To prevent their deterioration, utilize some of these ways to preserve your books.

Handle Books Carefully

You want to be careful when you’re handling an older book, especially with its binding. Carefully take the book off the shelf by grabbing it from the middle. Be careful as you flip through the pages—they could easily rip. For very old books, you many even need to use gloves.

Repair Them Over Time

Another way to preserve your books is to periodically inspect them for any damage. By doing this, you can repair the books over time and keep them in good shape for longer periods. Librarians often preserve the books in their collections by using special tape to repair the binding, spine, and corners—you could try purchasing inexpensive book tape and doing the same.

Store in the Right Location

You also want to be conscious of where you store your books. Some conditions you’ll want to avoid are sunlight and high humidity. These will damage your books over time, so make sure to store your collection in a cool, shaded spot.

Keep Up on Dust Removal

Books can attract dust, which can in turn damage the books. Dust is also a terrible thing for you to breathe in. To prevent the accumulation of dust, make sure you clean your bookshelves routinely.

Use a Protective Cover

A final thing you can do is use a protective cover for books that are already in bad shape. Protective covers hold the books together while preserving the original covers. You’ll notice this is another tactic commonly used in libraries, especially for older paperback books.

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Written by Logan Voss

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