Careers for People Who Aren’t Afraid of Heights

While many of us like our current jobs, we may often feel unsatisfied with the daily grind. It’s about this time when individuals start looking for new, exciting opportunities. If you’re looking for a career change that better fits your interests, check out these interesting careers for people who aren’t afraid of heights.

Rock-Climbing Instructor

If you have a passion for rock climbing and want to teach beginners how to scale in style, this job path is for you. As a professional, you’ll need to demonstrate safe climbing techniques as well as properly explain to your students how to use and obtain the required harness equipment. Whether you want to apply your skills on an indoor wall or a natural cliff face, your expertise can help future climbers develop a lifelong love for the sport.


Heights aren’t the only fear that firefighters regularly face, but it’s certainly one of the most prevalent. Placing their own discomforts on the back burner, firefighters charge into dangerous situations to save lives and make a difference in their community. As such, they need to be courageous individuals and complete fire academy training. Many firefighters also obtain emergency medical technician training to better respond to injuries on the site of an accident.

Pilot or Flight Attendant

For those that want to travel and experience new places, you might want to consider pursuing a career as a pilot or flight attendant. These jobs treat travel as a benefit, allowing you to visit and enjoy new regions while you’re on the clock. To become a pilot, it’s important to become certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. However, the flight attendant guidelines are a bit less strict with only a background check and a high school diploma required.


Glaziers are the professionals responsible for installing glass windows on taller buildings near the end of their construction. Due to the height glaziers work at, this job has plenty of hazards to account for. Still, if you’re in it for the fun and the adrenaline rush, you’ll need to start as an apprentice. You’ll remain in this position for four years before moving on to your technical training.

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Written by Logan Voss

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