The 10 Best NASCAR Tracks to Watch a Race

If you make a bucket list of the best NASCAR tracks to watch a race, make sure you include these. You can’t find anything else like the speed, exhilaration, and danger of a race. Since its humble beginnings, NASCAR has become a global powerhouse that attracts millions of fans to the track every year. There’s nothing quite like this spectator sport, and you either love it or you don’t. You obviously love it, so grab your two-way radios, a cooler, and your boys; head on down to the track for a day of loud engines, louder fans, and nonstop action.


Daytona Motor Speedway

The one that started it all, Daytona is an hour from Disney World. Part of the track even used to be on Daytona Beach. They have many races there throughout the year, but the main event, the Daytona 500, takes place every February.

Bristol Motor Speedway

The “cereal bowl” is one of the most enjoyable places to watch a race. The name comes from its small size and tight turns. Coming in at .533 miles long, it’s a small circle with high sides all the way around.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The massive and sprawling speedway covers 560 acres in the middle of Indiana, and it seats 257,325 race fans. It’s the largest NASCAR track and the second largest racetrack in the world.

Talladega Superspeedway

Formerly known as the Alabama International Motor Speedway, this track is 2.66 miles long and larger than Indianapolis. The fastest ever NASCAR lap was recorded here, and cars need restrictor plates to keep them from going too fast.

Darlington Raceway

A logistical problem during construction created this egg-shaped track. The Track Too Tough to Tame is among the most challenging in NASCAR. Races started running here in 1950, making it a historical landmark for many fans.

Martinsville Speedway

Coming in at just over a half mile, Martinsville is the shortest track in the NASCAR Cup series. Fans call it the “paper clip” because of its unique shape, small size, and tight corners.

Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma is a 2.5-mile track in the middle of California. The road course style track with 12 turns on it has held races since 1967. It also has a drag strip in the infield.

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Home of the first World 600 race, Charlotte has a bigger claim to fame. They have an insane 200 ft. by 80 ft 720P HDTV on the backstretch of the track. It’s the world largest TV, and fans in turn four never miss a minute of action.

Texas Motor Speedway

The 1.4-mile track is in historic Fort Worth, and it has the 9th highest attendance in history at 212,585 fans. The track has high banking turns that slingshot cars onto the straights.

Richmond Raceway

Shaped like a D, Richmond lets drivers wind out their cars on the long straightaway. The shape of the track provides drivers with the chance to drive with precision and speed.

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Written by Logan Voss

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