How Different Colors Can Affect Your Mood

In the world of architecture and interior design, color is an incredibly important factor to consider. An entire room can be transformed merely by the colors and shades you dress it with. So how, exactly, do different colors work to influence our mood on any given day? Here we explore a few ways different colors affect your mood.


Red is a color that’s often associated with passion, be it romantic or angry. Red can increase one’s heart rate and therefore make them feel more energized and as though they’re experiencing an increase in strength. Red is a color that’s both warm and deep, so it can feel claustrophobic to some and make an area seem smaller than it is in reality.


In opposition to the passion associated with red, blue is a color that’s calming and spiritual. It’s commonly said that seeing blue forms calming chemicals in our body. The color suggests both trust and loyalty, which is a reason why it’s a popular option in a work environment.


Perhaps due to its prevalence in nature, green is a color attributed to health and vitality. It’s a calming color, one that’s easy on the eyes, and it can cause one to feel more comfortable in their environment—it’s for these reasons that you may see the shade in hospitals or offices. This is also a color that symbolizes new beginnings, as it’s likened to a fresh bud on a spring morning.


Purple has long stood as a symbol of wealth, luxury, and status. The reason for this association traces back hundreds of years, to when purple dye was incredibly expensive to create. This is a color that can be used when one wishes to evoke the feeling of richness and sophistication.


As cheerful as the sun, the use of yellow will cause reflections that open up a space and make it feel more energetic. This color is one that is known to increase one’s appetite, which is why it’s often seen in kitchens. It’s a color best used sparingly, however, for too much yellow in an area is associated with irritability, and can even lead to anger.

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Written by Logan Voss

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