5 States with the Worst Winters

The appeal of states where blizzards and negative temperatures reside is a hot topic among many in the United States. Some people can’t get enough of the chill, while others flock to warmer weather. Regardless of how you feel, here are the states with the worst winters.


The east coast is known for getting hit with brutal winters, and this is even more evident in the New England area. Maine suffers from large amounts of snowfall and cold temperatures every year; however, the cold weather definitely adds to the aesthetic of the state alongside the Atlantic Ocean. If you find yourself cruising along Maine’s icy roads, make sure you’re prepared to drive in wintertime weather.

North Dakota

Transitioning to the Midwest, North Dakota is one of the states in the region that becomes a frozen tundra with plenty of days in the negatives temps. North Dakota’s famous winters have been transitioned into pop culture with the Fargo movie and FX television series.


Alaska is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. with its stunning and picturesque snow-covered mountains. With Alaska being the state highest up in the north, temperatures can get as frigid as -50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Back in the Midwest, Michigan gets dealt with tough winters as well in both the upper and lower peninsula. Michigan winters tend to be long too, starting just before Thanksgiving with snow and sticking around until Easter. Spring might as well be a foreign term for Michiganders.


While Minnesota is known for its 10,000 lakes, over the winter months you will find them frozen over—plus, pond hockey season will be in full force. Recently, Minnesota cemented themselves as a state with the worst winters by going through arctic wind chill temperatures of -60 degrees Fahrenheit last year.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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