How to Create a Photo Wall in Your Home

Photos make a house feel like a home. It’s so heartwarming to see beautiful pictures everywhere when you walk through someone’s place. Photo walls are exceptionally beautiful. They add a bold touch to any room, and it’s awesome to stop and stare at the pictures. Here are some things to consider for anyone wondering how to create a photo wall in your home. Guests will look in awe every time they visit.

Choose Which Pictures You Want to Hang

Not every picture you have is worthy of being on your photo wall. If you’re wondering how to create a photo wall in your home, start by going through your collection of pictures and determine which ones you want to hang. Select a wide variety of images. Hang some pictures with your family, and some with your friends. Choose some silly photos and serious ones, too. You should diversify your picture collage, so your photo wall accurately represents your life. Mix and match black and white pictures with color ones. Mixing colors will add more dimension to the area.

Select a Frame Style

You must choose a frame based on your home’s design style. If your style is more traditional, you should select traditional frames. It would look awkward if you had modern furniture everywhere with traditional picture frames. Make sure the two complement each other, so nothing looks out of place. Since your photo wall will have tons of picture frames on it, they’ll all have to blend together, too. You should stick with the same color scheme throughout for all your frames. It’d be strange if your frames were all different colors or stains. Keep things cohesive, and make sure your frames blend together.

Sizing & Spacing

When you’re creating a photo wall for your home, it’s vital to think about sizing and spacing. You want a photo wall to be a statement spot in your house. If you want people to be super impressed by it, it must look adequately measured. Don’t just hang things on the wall however you’d like. Make sure things are cohesive, and that there’s a rhyme and reason to everything. Evenly space things out and be sure to mix and match larger frames. If everything looks neat and organized, your photo wall will be a focal point in your house.

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Written by Logan Voss

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