A Few of the Most Difficult Jobs in the World

When we have a job, we tend to think that it’s the most stressful job in the world. But if you’re working a nine to five, chances are your job isn’t quite as bad as it seems. Especially when you compare that to the 12-hour shifts of surgeons or jumping from planes every day as a stunt person, a desk job seems pretty relaxed. There are so many jobs out there—some mentally challenging, others physically straining. If you want a look at how much harder it could be, take a look at some of the most difficult jobs in the world.


A surgeon is one of those difficult jobs that doesn’t surprise many people. Of course, going in and fixing something in someone else’s body would be difficult. But it’s important to understand all the different aspects that make it so complex. This is a mentally and emotionally draining career that asks for bravery and intelligence day-in and day-out. Just think about all the schooling they go through!


Protector—that’s another word for a firefighter. Every day, they are there to protect the lives of the general public during potentially life-threatening events. Of course there’s the physical strain of walking into a fire, but the essential protective gear they wear is thick and heavy. In addition to battling whatever disaster they walk into, just staying safe during their job puts even more weight on them.


Now, a career fisherman isn’t a hobby where you walk over to the lake and laze around. Rather, fishermen, particularly Alaskan crab fishermen, put their lives on the line every single day. This specific career involves long hours on treacherous seas to search for crabs. They’re constantly searching for crabs, and if they don’t catch any, there’s no money—it’s quite the stressful and dangerous job.

Landmine Remover

It sounds as dangerous as it is. Though in some parts of the world this is the military’s job, it’s also become a private market in other areas. It requires immense skill, patience, and agility. When an on-the-job mistake could result in an explosion, that’s definitely considered a dangerous profession.

Oil Rig Worker

An oil rig worker’s job involves insanely long hours in quite the hostile environment. The actual roles can be quite varied on the rig—painter or cleaner to the actual oil driller. It also typically requires workers to be on the rig for six weeks and then have six weeks on leave. That’s a long time not with family, in a dangerous area.

If you’re tired of your nine to five and think you can handle something tougher, try out one of the most difficult jobs in the world—it may be just what you need!

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Written by Logan Voss

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