Things You Can Do to Help Protect Endangered Species

A growing number of species becomes endangered each year. Protecting these species from extinction is important to preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystem. Because the loss of one species often leads to the loss of others, losing just one species can have a substantial negative ripple effect on the entire planet.

When you hear about yet another animal being added to the endangered species list, you may feel powerless to help prevent their extinction. However, people can do many things to make a difference. Here are some impactful things you can do to help protect endangered species.

Live a greener life

Living a greener or eco-friendlier life is one of the best ways individuals can protect endangered species. By reducing your negative environmental impact, you can preserve the habitats on which animals depend for food and shelter. Examples of ways to start living a greener life include carpooling or riding your bike instead of driving; making your home eco-friendlier by investing in energy-efficient appliances; or simply turning off lights or other electrical appliances when you’re not using them. The possibilities are endless.

Volunteer or donate

Volunteering at a wildlife refuge or park in your area is a great way to do your part to protect endangered animals. Unfortunately, many of these places are underfunded and in need of additional assistance. As such, volunteering for them can make a big difference—even if you just end up picking up litter around the area. Every effort counts. If there aren’t any opportunities to volunteer near you or you simply don’t have the time, you could also consider donating money to fund their efforts of protecting at-risk species.

Be conscious of your purchases

You can avoid unintentionally contributing to the extinction of endangered species by being more conscious of the purchases you make. For example, animals can mistake single-use plastics such as shopping bags or water bottles for food or get tangled in them, and they could ultimately die. By purchasing fewer single-use plastics, you can protect animals from the destruction.

You should also be conscious about purchasing products from companies that partake in unsustainable practices. For example, you should avoid companies that are known polluters or that make their products using wood or other resources from rainforests or endangered trees; this will protect the habitats of endangered species. By not giving these companies your business, they may be forced to change their ways to stay afloat.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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