Ways the Oil Industry Can Better the Environment

Many of us are guilty of assuming that the oil industry is destroying the environment and neglecting safe practices. However, that’s not always true. Oil companies and equipment suppliers alike are working toward improving efficiency and environmental friendliness in the oil industry. Keep reading to learn how the oil industry can better the environment.

Recycling materials

Companies in the petroleum industry have increasingly tried to improve sustainability through recycling. For example, oil pipeline suppliers are including recycled materials in their manufacturing process wherever possible. Additionally, companies that produce oil and gas are making efforts to reduce water waste and to avoid using fresh water.

Making hardware changes

Pipeline suppliers have significantly improved hardware for pipelines, making valves and actuators more energy-efficient. Traditionally, pipeline workers had to routinely clean dirt and grime from the hardware, making the hardware unreliable over time. Workers still have to maintain the infrastructure, but more reliable alternatives have surfaced. For instance, one of the most common types of valve actuators in the industry is electric because they’re simpler to maintain and more reliable.

Using technology to their advantage

Lastly, nearly every industry sees new technological innovations each year. Many of the changes that have come to the oil industry have had positive effects on the environment. For instance, many oil companies can now use 3D technology and digital oil fields to ensure they only drill where absolutely necessary. This allows oil companies to protect their workers, stay efficient, and, of course, be eco-friendlier.

If you work in the oil industry, you’ve likely come across some of these exciting industry changes. Our ancestors never could’ve imagined the ways the oil industry can better the environment today. We should take advantage of the opportunities we have today to improve our sustainability practices, both at home and at work.

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Written by Logan Voss

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