3 Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle in the Heat

A hot car, just before the air conditioning mercifully kicks on, is one of the least comfortable places a person can be. Now think about what that heat does over hours and days to the car itself. The sun and the heat beat down on a car, creating conditions that, if left unchecked, lead to some problems. Here are some tips for protecting your vehicle in the heat to avoid these problems.

Use the Right Tires and Maintain Them

First, being intentional about your tires is important in the heat. There are many different types of automotive tires you could have, but a couple of noteworthy ones either fare better or worse in the heat. For example, winter tires wear quickly in the heat due to their softer rubber, so don’t forget to remove them come springtime. Meanwhile, summer tires, which grip dry and wet roads effectively, handle hot roads well and don’t wear as quickly.

Over the spring and summer, check your tire pressure. Keeping your tire pressure from getting too low prevents you from suffering a blowout on extremely hot concrete. Slowly accelerating and gradually turning also helps you to keep from losing tread in the heat.

Preserve Your Interior

There are certain steps you can take to keep your seats and interior surfaces from cracking. You can use a sunshade for your windshield to block the sun. Also, tinting your windows provides some relief from the hot temperatures. If you have leather seats, the heat and sun can crack them over time. To prevent this, either cover your seats or apply a recommended leather conditioner. Finally, perhaps the easiest and most effective strategy to mitigate heat’s effects is to simply park under shade whenever possible.

Clean Your Exterior Often

Another tip to protect your vehicle from heat is to clean your car’s exterior. In the heat, substances on your car cake on easily and cause permanent damage. Keep your car free of dirt and other forms of grime by washing your car more often in the spring and summer months.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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