How to Personalize Your Clothes at Home

We all want to be our own unique selves, and just as our personalities separate us from others, so do our clothes. But have you ever seen someone who looks so original, you wonder where they got that shirt or those pants? There’s a good chance they personalized their clothing themselves. If you want to learn how to personalize your clothes at home, check out our list of ideas below.

Get some cool patches

We’ve all seen that guy who has a denim jacket covered in patches from his favorite bands. It’s a cool look because no one else has that exact jacket. If you’re not into the edgy look, you can use patches sparingly on some accessories like bags. Either way, you’re going to have a unique piece that no one else has, and that alone makes it cool.

Put some pins on your shirt or collar

Have you ever received pins from a business, band, artist, or movement that you like to support but have no idea how to put the pins to good use? Use them as an accessory! In fact, pins were one of the coolest accessories in the 1990s, and ‘90s fashion is totally coming back. Now, whether ‘90s fashion is a good look or not is up for debate, but it’s an option, nonetheless.

Use fabric markers

If you’re an artist, you could always get yourself some fabric-friendly markers and draw some designs onto your pieces. Drawing or sewing your own designs is definitely the best way to get the look you really want, especially if you can’t find anything similar to what you’re looking for. Besides, for the sake of the environment, you should do your best to make your current clothes last before buying new ones. Repurposing is all the rage.

Start printing on fabric

That’s right—you can actually print on fabric with an inkjet printer. If you already have an inkjet printer, then you’re in good shape because that means you can get some really cool images on your clothes. You’ll just need some transfer paper. And don’t forget about a protective coat; otherwise, your ink won’t last after a couple of washes.

Nothing screams originality quite like designing your own clothes. Now that you know how to personalize your clothes at home, you can embrace your inner hipster, or deny it as true hipsters do. Either way, you’ll have unique and original clothes.

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Written by Logan Voss

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