Common Problems with Eyelash Extensions to Consider

If you’ve ever thought about drawing more attention to your eyes, chances are you’ve considered eyelash extensions. Whether you choose to get standard-style lashes or dramatic volume lashes, these products make your eyes pop and give you a new way to express your unique style. Eyelash extensions are an incredibly safe and effective way to enhance the appearance of your natural lashes, but it’s still important to understand what the risks are. Since this beauty treatment focuses around the eyes—a particularly sensitive area—knowing some common problems with eyelash extensions can protect you from future discomfort.

Irritation or Redness

Eyelash extension and adhesive products are made with different materials and substances. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin or what allergies you may have, you could possibly experience a reaction to these materials. If you’re allergic to any of the products, you may develop some redness and irritation around where the lashes were applied. Should this happen to you, make sure you get your extensions removed immediately and inform your lash artist of your allergies in the future.

Twisted or Stuck-Together Lashes

Lashes can also begin to twist or stick together over time, making them uncomfortable to care for and easy to damage. This often occurs when the lash artist applies either too little adhesive or way too much. With too little glue, the lashes no longer stay rooted to your eyelid and begin to droop, twisting and losing volume as they do so. On the other hand, too much eyelash adhesive can cause your lashes to stick together—making them impossible or painful to brush out. Be sure to make an appointment with your lash artist to discuss these situations, as they can keep you from maintaining your look.

Eye Discomfort

Another common problem that occurs with eyelash extensions is general eye discomfort and sharp pain. When lashes inevitably start to droop or loosen their hold on the eyelid, they can fall into a person’s eyes or even poke them. This results in sudden, sharp pinches that can be incredibly difficult to tolerate. Because of this, many people opt to go get touch-ups done every few weeks to keep their lashes looking nice as well as to lessen the chances of this happening. Get quality extension supplies at Paris Lash Academy.

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Written by Logan Voss

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