Tips for Safely Storing Hazardous Waste

While storing hazardous waste onsite carries certain risks, it’s necessary in many industries to ensure it’s picked up by a waste management company that can properly dispose of it. Most businesses don’t have an immediate means of discarding such material safely. This means you have to take every precaution when storing it on your premises to ensure it doesn’t harm anyone working around it. Learn some tips for safely storing hazardous waste by reading below.

Only Use Approved Containers

Any hazardous waste being stored must have special containment. You can’t put this material in just any drum. Specific containers, made from special materials, are designed for hazardous substances. They can’t be easily eaten through by toxic chemicals. All containers holding hazardous waste need to be free of leaks or exterior residue so workers won’t get exposed to them. Containers meant for things such as food service or holding detergent are completely unacceptable. Any company producing hazardous waste should be equipped with a supply of proper chemical containers that seal excellently to prevent harm.

Containers Should Be Properly Sealed

All hazardous waste containers need to be properly sealed. Even the slightest opening in the lid could allow leakage or spillage, which could be disastrous for those working around the material or handling it. The containers need to be sealed tightly by a screw-type lid. While it might seem like common sense to avoid, many have chosen to attempt to cover containers with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and other makeshift materials. Any of these choices create a serious safety hazard.

Each Container Needs To Be Labeled

Before you start to fill a container with hazardous waste, it must have the proper chemical waste tag on the front for everyone to see. Hazardous waste labeling and marking is crucial for safety. You need to have the waste identified so you know which warning signage to include. These are vital for communicating to people handling the material what dangers it presents. You can use a color label printer to produce your labels on demand instead of purchasing them in bulk. Every warning label is designed with clear symbols and text to communicate clearly with those handling the material.

Wastes Should Never Be Mixed

Hazardous wastes need to be kept completely separate from each other. Mixing them can confuse the different threats they present once they’re contained. Also, hazardous waste often contains reactive chemicals and substances that can cause fires and explosions when mixed with another. Lastly, mixing them will be more costly since there are different disposal methods for different types of waste. Some of these methods are more expensive than others, so it’s in your best interest to avoid mixing the toxins rather than wasting money. Better to pay more, have them removed properly, and be safe.

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Written by Logan Voss

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