How To Start a Career as a Truck Driver

If you hear the call of the open road and want to get out there as soon as possible, a career as a truck driver might be for you. There are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare yourself for such a career, but thankfully nothing is too difficult to do on your own. Our country was built on the backs of truck drivers and continuing that career path is a noble goal indeed. Learn how to start a career as a truck driver.

Step One: Complete Your Training

Obviously, you can’t just say you want to be a truck driver and then hop into a truck the next day. Driving a truck requires a lot of different considerations than driving a car. Knowing how to start a career as a truck driver means acquiring formal training wherever you can, either in a community college setting or at a private school for truck driving. This training usually runs from a few months to a year, so it’s not an enormous investment of time in order to get trained.

Step Two: Earn Your Licenses and Certifications

While you’re in training, you’ll want to show that you take initiative to learn as much as you can. This will allow you to take certain tests that will certify you for more difficult trucking jobs. Things such as semi-truck driving, hazardous material shipping, and tanker truck driving all need separate certifications to perform. Getting your commercial driver’s license is only the first step, as you can make more money by getting more licenses and certifications.

Step Three: Take Advantage of Job Placement Assistance

Whether this is through the school that you’re training at or through a professional service, you may need some help finding the right place to start. Job placement services can be essential in getting your foot in the door to your first trucking job. Jobs are often divided by how much experience the driver has, so you might not drive a semi on your first day.

Step Four: Acquire Experience However You Can

Showing that you know what you’re doing is the key to getting a better position at a trucking company. Is your driving record flawless? Do you utilize the right equipment to make sure your cargo doesn’t get damaged? How often are you late for a drop off? All these factors will determine your position in the truck-driving world. The better your record is, the more high-profile jobs you can take on, therefore earning you more money.

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Written by Logan Voss

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