Tips for Creating a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

One of the biggest trends in home decoration and design continues to be the modern interpretation of the classic farmhouse style. Between the rustic charm and the ability to make the style your own, this technique remains popular year after year for many reasons. Here are five of the best tips for creating a farmhouse-style kitchen your whole family will love.


Designing a farmhouse space without incorporating wood is simply impossible. One of the best ways to showcase the style is to install wooden countertops throughout the kitchen. This will make an especially powerful statement if you incorporate wood in an island. Apart from making a statement, the wood will also start to look better as it ages through use and wear.


The best way to use colors in a farmhouse design is to keep them understated. The traditional color to use is white, but it’s also possible to use muted or pastel shades of green, blue, and yellow. Cabinets, seating, and window fixtures are all prime candidates to be painted and matched together.


One of the hallmarks of farmhouses is the use of shelving, and your kitchen should be no exception. Consider replacing upper cabinetry with open shelving to display your dishware and other kitchen essentials. If you aren’t comfortable going full open shelving, try removing the doors of your upper cabinets to give the appearance of a more open layout.

Cabinetry Selection

Speaking of cabinetry, selecting the right style is essential for creating the perfect farmhouse look. Consider using a two-toned cabinet design to personalize your look. Be sure to use clean lines for a smooth, crisp look. Glass doors are another feature common to farmhouse kitchens that can create the illusion of openness.

Lighting Options

The last of our tips for creating a farmhouse style kitchen is to choose your lighting carefully. Vintage-style lighting that hangs from the ceiling mixes well with any natural light from windows and doors. There’s also a multitude of under-cabinet lighting options that can illuminate your kitchen.

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Written by Logan Voss

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