How To Look Professional for a Job Interview

Getting a job interview is an exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience. You might have a chance at a new job! Yet, the interview might be difficult. You want to show them who you are, but you also want to look professional at the same time. Professionalism is a skill just like any other, and you can learn it quickly even if you’re unsure of what it means right now. We’ll go over how to look professional for a job interview so that you have less to worry about when the day finally comes.

Dress Appropriately

Not every interview requires business-professional attire, but the interviewers will probably give you a dress code to follow. If they don’t, ask. Always go a little bit more professional than they require, just in case. It’s better to be a little overdressed than underdressed.

Business-professional dress for men:

  • Suit jacket and tie
  • Slacks, not khakis
  • Dress shoes
  • Neutral colors and patterns

Business-professional dress for women:

  • Blouse and jacket
  • Dress pants
  • Professional dresses
  • No open-toed shoes
  • Full suits
  • Neutral colors and patterns

Groom Yourself

You don’t want to walk into an interview looking like you just rolled out of bed a few moments ago. Here are some simple grooming tasks you should definitely perform before an interview:

  • Fix, put up, or tie back your hair
  • Trim and groom your beard and mustache
  • Cut your fingernails (important for handshakes)
  • Use makeup, perfume, or cologne sparingly

Arrive Early

Would you trust someone with a job who couldn’t even show up to their scheduled interview on time? To avoid the possibility of tardiness, you’ll want to leave the house early and arrive a little earlier than your allotted time. Not only is it good manners to not waste the interviewer’s time, but it also shows that you’re excited and enthusiastic to be there for the interview.

Be Attentive

Some interviews may take longer than others, but you want to be sure your attention is locked-in the whole time. You don’t want to miss important details of a question you must answer. Attentiveness is a quality that the interviewer can immediately see, and if your attention starts to drift, they’ll be able to tell, too. It should also go without saying, but never take your phone out during an interview.

Do Your Research

There’s a reason the last question in most interviews is, “Do you have any questions?” Interviewers want to see that you researched the position you’re applying for and the company you want to work for. Prepare questions before you enter the interview; this will show them how dedicated you are to getting this job in particular.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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