Top Kid-Friendly Amenities for Apartment Communities

When looking for a place to rent, parents must consider the needs of their kids in addition to their own needs. If you’re trying to attract more tenants to your apartment complex, then you should consider these same needs to cultivate a welcoming, family-friendly community that will be attractive to young families. This will show that you have a vested interest in catering to their needs. To help you consider what you can improve, here are some of the top kid-friendly amenities for apartment communities.


With the end of the pandemic coming into sight, kids and adults alike will be antsy to spend some time outside and get some fresh air. Additionally, the weather is beginning to improve, so now is the best time to start making plans and begin construction on a successful playground. This will provide a place for kids to play, exercise, and socialize in a safe location within the community. The playground will also give adults an opportunity to socialize as they gather to watch their kids and pass the time by chatting with each other. It’s a great way to get your residents to mingle and develop stronger social bonds to cultivate that feeling of community.

Onsite Daycare

For really young families, one of the top kid-friendly amenities for apartment communities is an onsite daycare or on-demand babysitting. Providing services to help parents watch their kids while they fulfill their responsibilities and obligations will save your residents a lot of stress and entice them to continue living in your apartments. Never underestimate how valuable an amenity such as childcare services can be to adults and what a great opportunity it creates for kids to socialize with each other.

Events for Kids

You don’t want to just create a community within your apartment’s community—you want to be part of it too. Planning events and get-togethers will have a much better attendance rate and better reception if you plan events that kids can also participate in. It’s another way to show that you’re considering your residents and their kids and introduce them to new experiences.

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Written by Logan Voss

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