Ways To Improve Morale at Construction Sites

Construction is a physically demanding and grueling job, which can make it difficult to keep your workers in good spirits and motivated when the days are long and delays make the job even harder. As foreman, it’s your responsibility to ensure your workers are well cared for and that their basic necessities are met. Let us help you by suggesting a few ways to improve morale at construction sites so that you see a happier, more productive crew.

Effective Tools and Processes

Making the job as easy as possible will not only increase productivity but make your workers much happier if they don’t feel like they’re being stopped and delayed at every turn. Keeping your construction tools up-to-date and well maintained will avoid mechanical failures in machinery and keep more mundane tools like hammers and drills operating effectively. Furthermore, you should digitize and standardize your company’s files and practices to streamline the process. This convenience will optimize your construction site and allow your workers to get the information they need quickly and effectively.

Going Beyond the Bare Minimum

One of the best ways to improve morale at construction sites is to show that you have a vested interest in the wellbeing of your employees. Doing the bare minimum may meet OSHA guidelines, but you won’t impress your workers. For example, you must provide a place for your workers to use the bathroom, and have most likely turned to portable toilets. Rather than getting the cheapest ones that quickly become nasty, get a restroom trailer that includes utilities like sinks for a more hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience while on the job.

Employee Assistance and Incentives

As the hours are long and the work difficult, the consequences may bleed into a worker’s personal life or health. Put in place safety nets for employees so that, should they become injured, sick, or have some kind of personal emergency, you’re able to help them get through it. Good insurance will bring your workers peace of mind and harbor goodwill towards you and your company.

Similarly, reward workers when they go above and beyond. If their personal gain is the same no matter how hard they work, they’ll hardly be motivated to work harder than necessary. Whether this is a cash bonus or a paid afternoon off, these little rewards will encourage them to continue this positive behavior.

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Written by Logan Voss

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