Common Maintenance Issues for Office Buildings

All across the country, workers are heading back to the office. While working from home has certainly brought about its own set of concerns—ask anyone in the IT department—it’s easy to forget that plenty of things can go wrong at the office, too, and when they do, it’s a lot more inconvenient than a video call that keeps freezing. If you’ll be overseeing the office facility as employees file back in, look out for these common maintenance issues for office buildings.

Elevator Problems

No one likes to take the stairs if they can avoid it. Mid-rise and high-rise office buildings rely on their elevators to transport people to upper levels without exhausting them before and after work—not to mention keeping the entire building accessible to all people. When high traffic and insufficient maintenance leads to the breakdown of a building’s elevator system, it can be more than a passing inconvenience. Most elevator breakdowns occur when pulleys wear out or when motors in need of repair or replacement fail. Unfortunately, when something goes awry with your elevator, there’s not much you can do without relying on someone with specialized expertise.

Problems With HVAC

Commercial HVAC systems are far more complicated than the furnace, air conditioner, and ductwork that regulate the temperature and air quality in your home. With more moving parts and more area to cover, the HVAC system in an office setting can be a little tougher to fix. Most office HVAC systems operate under more than one thermostat, which can introduce challenges that simpler residential systems lack. Quite often, the culprit is simply a dead battery or faulty wiring in one thermostat. Keep it simple in searching for solutions before consulting expert technicians. Don’t forget filters—with more air filters to change, failing to keep them clean can have an adverse effect on airflow and air quality.

Electricity and Lighting

Everyone is familiar with the faint flicker of a failing fluorescent light. Not only do failing lights affect necessary illumination, they can also distract employees. This common maintenance issue for office buildings is a frustration that ranges from a quick fix to a massive undertaking. Keep replacement bulbs on hand for all light fixtures throughout the building. For more serious concerns, be prepared to call an electrician to resolve the issue.

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Written by Logan Voss

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